Well, all movies are not meant to be blockbusters but no one ever expects a movie to be a disaster. No actor, director or producer works for the film which no one wants to watch. But such disasters do happen. Today we will talk about some of these disasters our country has seen. The Indian film industry since its inception has seen some movies which have been great flops/ disasters. These movies not only took all the money from the producers pocket but also wasted each penny of the audience which came to see the movie. Let us start with this list and tell you about the most disastrous movies our industry has seen till date. These are some of the movies I would suggest you watch at your own risk and if indeed you do and complete seeing it. I request you to please talk to me once after it.

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja:

This is the classic example of an overhyped flop movie. You can imagine how disastrous it would have been that it flopped in spite of having a caste which brings an assurance of a hit with it.


Tees Maar Khan:

I had been one of the unfortunate peoples who were unlucky to be present in the theaters when this movie was running. This is the only movie I had left in the midway. Even the starting of the movie was horrible, you just can’t sit and watch this piece of shit for three hours.



Shirish Kunder did it again, after the disaster of Tees Mar Khan, no one would have thought of anything worse. But where there is a will there is a way, he made Joker, something even more horrible.Poster_of_joker(2012_film)

Ram Gopal Verma Ki AAG:

I bet you will prefer being in a place which is on fire than watching this movie. God knows what has happened to Ramu, he has unfailingly given so many disasters in recent years. This is the biggest of them all. It was the remake to the most famous and iconic movie of Bollywood Sholay. I bet even I can make a better movie. The movie is completely useless and I would prefer burning my money than bearing this torture.



Another over hyped movie with failed miserably. This movie was eagerly awaited by many because it was being compared to Tom Cruise‘s Top Gun. God, let me tell you I saw 2-3 scenes of the movie and I couldn’t bear them. RIP people’s brains who watched the whole movie.


Jhoom Barabar Jhoom:

This was a multi starer with Abhishek Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta and Bobby Deol in lead roles. The music of the movie was great and that’s the only thing that would have made people sit in the hall. The movie can be a permanent resident of this list for time immemorial as making such a big mess requires some doing and these are not made every day.


Jaani Dushman:

Ha..ha.. I just can’t stop laughing. I have seen this movie many times. Yeah I have, I don’t know why but I find this one too funny that I see it many times when it comes. The whole story, screenplay and absurd logics, the perfect mix for a great disaster.



The debut movie of Katrina Kaif, Boom, bombed at the box office. I doubt if people saw the movie on the first day even. The movie itself looked like a C grade film it just had to bomb.


Neil and Nikki:

This movie announced Tanisha Mukherjee and announced loud and clear that she doesn’t mean business. I thank god for not having watched this one.


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