We girls always have a question in our mind that which type of jeans is perfect for our butt :P? Isn’t it? There are many different kinds of jeans available in the market say bold curve id, demi curve id or slight curve id and there are many more to name. Ooopsss! List is pretty long, Can’t compile the whole here but ya without a doubt, definitely compile some of them. 


Now let’s come to the question that “which curve is best for our body?”  Much confused? You need not 😉 this time I have come up with the answer to ease your confusion J as I have always believed and loved sharing those thing which I have learned (be it with my experiences or someone else’s experience or advice). This time I am going to tell you about three kinds of Jeans Curvy fittings namely:
  • Bold Curve ID
  • Demi Curve ID
  • Straight Curve ID


Let’s beginIf you have a curvy figure like Sonakshi Sinha then it’s really good if you opt for Bold Curve ID. It would be great if you could flaunt the jeans with a fitted top to get maximum impact. Opt for prints which will definitely distract attention from the problem areas.



If you have long legs like Deepika Padukone then opt for a Demi Curve Id which will definitely help in smoothing up the unflattering bumps around your waist. Opt for bright hues which will surely make you look fabulous.




In case you have straight figure like Anushka Sharma then opt for Slight Curve ID. This kind of jeans will definitely make you look awesome along with providing comfort. These jeans are mid rise skinnies which will help create the illusion of a curve derriere.



I am pretty tall and have long legs so I always opt for Demi Curve ID J I feel like Deepika Padukone in that..hahaha…jokes apart..This Demi Curve makes me feel good, confident and helps me in collecting some pretty good compliments J blush blush J


Hope you have found this article helpfulJ So girls, you wanna opt for which type of Curve ID?

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