New fashion and hair trends follow the turn of every new year, and 2017 is no exception. However, instead of expecting big changes to this year’s top hairstyles, look for tried and true fashions that are simple to get and will make you look your best. Find out the trendiest hairstyles for both men and women so that you can stay at the top of your fashion game.

2017 Hair Trends for Women

This year’s hair trends for women are all about understated simplicity. One of the top styles expected to reign supreme in hair fashion is the simple and sleek look of evenly parted hair that is then straightened and ironed flat on both sides. This trend really never went out of fashion, at least within the last decade. However, it is expected to be super hot this year as the focus shifts from hair with body to hair that is sleek, shiny, and easy to style. Make sure you invest in a high-quality flattening iron or straightening brush to get this top look for 2017.

If you do not have long enough hair to part and flatten, you are in luck. This year will also be the year for trendy and straight hair extensions. Get the length and look you want by wearing hair extensions with confidence. Hair extensions are expected to be all the rage this year as well.

When you want to alternate your look, try a high ponytail, another top women’s hair style that is anticipated to be very popular this year. The high pony tail sits on the crown of your head and is held back by an understated band that matches the color of your hair. Be sure to iron your ponytail flat to keep up with the sleek and understated look that will be so trendy this year.

2017 Hair Trends for Men

While 2017 is all about sleek and understated hairstyles for women; it is the year of shaved sides and super styled mohawks for men. Men who want to stay at the top of their fashion game this year should most importantly have the sides of their hair to at least a quarter inch length. The top of their hair, however, should be kept at least two inches long so that they can achieve some of the great styles on tap for men in 2017.

Men with thick hair can wear curls with confidence as curl and waves are expected to be very much in style for men this year. Men who are not sure how to style curls and waves should first ask their stylist for help. It would not be out of line for men who do not have naturally wavy or curly hair to use a curling iron at home to get this look.

Alternatively, men who want a sharper and even sterner look should try the gelled spike look. Shaping the top of their hair into long, well-defined spikes that are slightly pushed forward toward their foreheads is going to be a hot look for guys this year.

The new year means it is time to try out some of the hot new hairstyles for 2017. Look your best and find out what it takes to get these simple yet fantastic looks by learning more about this year’s top hairstyles.

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