Hello people, Today I will be reviewing two brushes for you from the brand-Faces on this beauty and fashion blog 🙂 . Lipstick, concealer and eyeliner are something I use every day and I don’t step outside without wearing them. So, I wanted to try good quality brushes and ended up purchasing faces concealer and lip filler brush. The brushes were decently priced so I bought them without any research. Lets’ move to the review.

Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures1 Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures

Packaging: Both the brushes come in a sleek zip pouch and you can store your brushes in it as it has a lock. The pouch is sturdy and it is spacious so you can store your 3-4 brushes in it easily. The pouch keeps your brushes safe, secured and protects them from dust. I love the packaging; it’s so convenient and travel friendly at the same time. You can easily carry these brushes while travelling as they come with guard packaging.

Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures

Concealer brush: Faces Concealer is long and one can work easily with it. The bristles are smooth and feel light on skin. Application of concealer goes streak free with this good quality concealer brush. I use stick concealer from Lakme absolute range and it blends the concealer into my skin in no time. It works superbly in concealing my dark circles, redness and spots. It doesn’t leave any streaks behind and gives even and flawless finish. I have tried using it with liquid concealer’s too and it works fabulously with it too. So, this concealer brush works well with liquid and stick concealer’s. I haven’t tried it with cream concealer so cannot comment on that. The brush is sturdy, long and gives you a very professional feeling. The bristles are of good quality too.

Price: Rs 249

Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures

Faces Lip Filler Brush: Faces Lip Filler Brush looks so professional with matte black packaging and long sturdy handle. The handle is long, sturdy and it gives you a comfortable grip while doing lips. The brush bristles are synthetic and are very smooth and soft. The bristles are soft and they don’t dent lipsticks when you use it. It picks up huge amount of product and you can fill your lips in just one-two swipes. Since the bristles are full you cannot line your lips with this brush which is the only negative point I can think of. It fills lips perfectly and gives fuller lips. The brush cleans up well without staining.  It does not shed hairs and the bristles retain their shape quickly after washing. It dries up fast so you can wash it after every use. Since the bristles are quite thin, I also use it for spot concealing and sometimes also use it to fill my brows. Overall, I am quite happy using it.

Price: Rs 199

Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures Faces-Concealer-and-Lip-Filler-Brush-review-and-pictures

Pros of Faces Concealer and Lip Filler Brush:

  • Classy and sturdy packaging
  • Quite affordable
  • Packaged in reusable pouch
  • Soft and smooth bristles
  • Bristles are dense and tightly packed
  • Does not shed hairs
  • Dries up fast
  • Retains the shape after washing
  • Long, sturdy and comfortable handle
  • Long lasting investment
  • Amateurs can also use them

Cons of Faces Concealer and Lip Filler Brush:

  • You cannot line lips with the lip-filler brush


  • Concealer brush- 5/5
  • Lip filler- 4.5/5

Do I recommend Faces Concealer and Lip Filler Brush?

Wholeheartedly 🙂 if you are looking for good quality concealer and lip filler brush then get these asap.


Faces Concealer and Lip Filler Brush Review And Images

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