Well ladies, todays topic is as much close to my heart as it will be to yours. This is just the thing that we always dream about and want a perfect surprise from your loved ones at the right time be it the perfect wedding night gift or the perfect proposal ring. Some moments just demand that precision as they have a bearing for life. Todays article is as much for the to be brides as for the bridegroom, or as much as for the girls as for guys. Why?? I didnt expect this question..! (:P) , but it is so because on one hand this is going to be our wish list, it will be a guide for the men too! I hardly know any girl who doesnt want that perfect diamond necklace or that perfect ring for her. That desire burns in us all for a beautiful romantic date, where the guy would come and gift us a beautiful diamond rind soaked in platinum. Well lets not digress..! Coming back to the wish list I shall start with 2 of my favorite rings and then move to the most beautiful neck-pieces (the topic is such that I just cant stop dreaming, pheww).


  1. Brilliant Round and Princess cut engagement ring: Well this ring has it all, from a beautiful round center diamond surrounded with princess cut and round diamonds. This is just a dream come true kind of ring. Here I cant even fix favorites because I love too many. But I like this ring because this ring gives us a blend of both traditional and modern diamonds.princess-cut-ring
  2. Double halo diamond and gem anniversary ring: The previous one would be perfect for the engagement and this one for the anniversary. The surrounding diamonds are centered with a beautiful gem stone. When you will wear this one, it will just burn everyones heart of envy. The surrounding of diamonds in this ring is so beautifully done that you wouldn’t want to take of this ring ever- indeed diamonds are womens best friend.halo-ring


  1. Diamond crescendo necklace: It is musical in its build, the diamond pieces start from a small size and graduate like poetry to a beautiful center piece. This necklace would look mesmerizing on any lady who dawns it. It is an amazing art piece. I bet this will make your neckline look nothing short of perfect. Plus this will go beautifully with many attires. I so want it! “Buy it for me Mr. Right”!?diamond-necklace
  2. Graduated shiny link diamond necklace: This is a beautiful tennis necklace. This necklace graduate in size from the smallest in the back to the largest piece in the front of the necklace. It has shiny gold and platinum links depending on the category you choose. Whats even better is that we can customize the necklace the way we want, we can go for platinum or white gold. It is available in both variants. You can wear it flat on the neck or collar-borne. The choice is all yours but one thing is for guarantee this will make you shine and sparkle the day, time, evening you wear it.tennis-necklace

Well girls you know the list for these can go on and on, but I chose only 2 each. These can be worn in all permutations and combinations as you want. For the guy this is it, give it to her on the next big occasion and make her the happiest women on planet. How I wish I get this on my wedding/ engagement day. No more descriptions required I guess. Just wearing them would be heavenly! Anyway if anyone of you get/purchase any of these, you have to share it with us ladies.! Till then chaos, stay beautiful, stay stylish!

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