We live in quite a peculiar era when the distinction between gender roles blurs. It’s obvious that the conceptions of femininity and masculinity change; many people aren’t secure about how to build romantic relationships properly. In this article, our experts from Ukrainian Brides Dating on Godatenow.com will outline the men’s qualities women fall for. Read and learn!


  1. Respectful attitude to their personal space

Times, when women were expected to be obedient housewives, are gone. Modern girls know they’d better rely on their own strengths rather than wait for men to come and to the entire job. Since their independence grows, they really want guys to respect it.

  1. Mental strength

Some experts claim today’s young generation tends to be more emotional and sensitive. This refers to both sexes yet girls were always supposed to be somewhat overly expressive. On the other hand, most women still appreciate confident and strong men.

  1. Possession of household skills

Continuing the topic of household duties, we should mention most girls are into guys capable of sharing their “traditional” workload at home. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about men who know how to repair things, cook, and clean.

  1. Readiness to make first moves first

Nowadays, some boys don’t think they have to take the initiative. As girls get more and more self-sufficient, it becomes normal for them to be leaders. However, studies show that most ladies are willing to be conquered by men just like it was a century ago.

  1. Gentlemanlike manners

As you can see, manliness and chivalry aren’t dead at all. Despite all that feminist propaganda, women typically expect men to pull out chairs and hold doors for them, as well as to do many other gentlemanlike things.

  1. Physical attractiveness

Banal as it may seem, handsomeness is surely not the last thing provoking romantic feelings. Someone may say it’s the female prerogative to fascinate the sterner sex with stunning beauty. However, girls also wish to date good-looking and well-dressed and groomed guys.

  1. Leadership qualities

Masculinity doesn’t seem to fall out of fashion. Throughout the entire human history, a man was supposed to be a protector and a leader. Women of today highly support this view. In fact, a girl with a strong character needs a guy stronger than her.

  1. Sense of purpose

According to numerous studies, contemporary young people don’t actually hurry to grow up. Life expectancy increases almost all over the world, and many guys in their mid-20s continue behaving as if they still were teenagers. In fact, girls are into those who know what they want and how to achieve that.

  1. Capability of being romantic

Our busy world often doesn’t leave us too much time for nice and relaxing things. Like it has always been, contemporary women wish their partners fascinate them from time to time. Of course, deep feelings can’t be measured by flowers and air balloons, yet sometimes, any woman wishes to receive a bit of special attention.

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