He is the undisputed badhshah of Bollywood. Since the time he has graced the industry he has always been on the top. There hasn’t been any lean patch in his career. All Khans, Kumars, Kapoors have come and gone but he has been there like a rock always strong and high. He is one of those actors who will go down as the greats of our industry. He has made it to the category of Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and himself. Even if you start writing about the flop films he has done you won’t find many that is the most remarkable thing about this star. But we are not discussing his achievements today. We will talk about the controversies in his more than 15 years long career. So let us take a look at the biggest controversies of this star’s life.


Wankhede Stadium:

Well while the match was going on he got involved in an ugly spat with the watch men of the stadium. He allegedly abused and even got physical with the watchmen. He was greatly reported in bad light after this incident and was resultantly banned from entering the stadium after that. This was one of the most embarrassing situations the Khan must have faced.

Hafiz Saed Invited SRK To Live In Pakistan:

Well he is the most wanted terrorist of India and he responded to one of the comments made by Shahrukh Khan by inviting him to live in Pakistan if he doesn’t feel safe in India. This gathered a lot of buzz and he had to come out, call a press conference and reply on the whole issue.


Shahrukh-Salman Fight:

It has been one of the most difficult times for Bollywood when the two biggest Khans got into an ugly fight on Katrina’s birthday bash. The two Khans were supposedly drunk and started fighting on some issue. Salman supposedly even slapped Shahrukh that day. The war of words kept on heating since till they finally made up on Arpita’s wedding.


SRK-Priyanka Chopra Link Up:

This was a shock for all. Shahrukh Khan in spite of doing so many romantic films with the most beautiful girls of Bollywood never got linked up with anyone. But this time his closeness to Priyanka Chopra was visible to all. This caused a turmoil in his family life and Gauri was reportedly very upset and wanted to leave the Khan. Thankfully it all got sorted out.


Shahrukh-Aamir Fight:

The two have been in a war of words for quite some time now. It all started with Aamir naming his dog Shahrukh and since then this Mahabharata has seen no ending. He has always been in news because of this episode.


Shahrukh Khan And Shirish Kunder:

The husband of Farah Khan was assaulted by the Khan at Sanjay Dutt’s Agneepath bash. This ugly spat resulted in increased differences between Shahrukh and Farah. They finally made up when the couple visited Sharukh’s house along with her brother Sajid.

Sharukh Khan and Sex Determination:

Well with the birth of Abram was the birth of another controversy. It was rumored that SRK went for sex determination of his baby. Though there is nothing to confirm the news and the Khan himself has expressed displeasure at such a news. This indeed resulted in a big controversy recently.

Looks like the Khan and controversies are different faces of the same coin. They just don’t get separated.

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7 Biggest Controversies Of Shahrukh Khan’s Life

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