Well there are a lot of oops moments in Bollywood but nothings gets stars in more trouble than when they give some controversial statements or post such tweets online. Today we will talk about such moments where the famous stars got themselves into political trouble.

Shahrukh Khan’s Intolerance comment:

This seems to be the buzz word not only in the political circles (especially considering the bihars poll fever) but also in the Industry. But the king khan got himself into trouble on his 50th birthday when he talked about the growing intolerance in the country. Then started a spree of comments from all sections of the country wherein some MPs asked him to leave the country. One saffron preacher went as far as calling the Badhsha a Pakistani agent. The matter seems to be the new hot cake of the arena. Even our Sallu bhai came forward with a tweet in support of his rival cum friend cum enemy.


Salman Khan’s Tweet on Tiger Memon Hanging:

The matter was a hot potato then, everyone was talking about the hanging, petitions being filled for mercy by prominent personalities and then came a series of tweets from Sallu bhai. Which said and I quote in the same series:


  • Hang Tiger
  • Brother is being hanged for Tiger. Aarrre Whr is Tiger?
  • Tiger ki hi to kami hai India mein. Tiger ko Lao. Hum toh upne family par mar jaaaeen. Tiger tumhaara bhai kuch Dino mein tumhare liyeh
  • Phasisi k phande pe chardne walla hai . Koi statement. Koi address. Kuch toh bolo k tum teh. Wah bhai ho toh aisa. Matlab. Ya khoob menan.
  • Kaun sa tiger kaisa Tiger kidhar hai Tiger. Samaj raha hai Tiger. Kay soch k nam diya tha aur kya maina nikal liya uus ka.
  • 1 innocent man killed is killing the humanity
  • Yaqub Menon pe pad k coment karna
  • Hut
  • Get Tiger
  • Get Tiger hang him. Parade him not his brother
  • Kidhar chupa hai Tiger? Hey koi tiger nahi hai hai hai billi aur hum ek billi ko nahi pakad sakteh.
  • Sharif Saab (Pakistan Prime Minister) ek darkhaust hai k agar yeh aap k mulkh mein hai toh plz iktila kar deejiyeh.
  • Been wanting to tweet Tis fr 3 days n was afraid to do so but it involves a mans n family. Dont hang brother hang tha lomdi who ran away
  • N no 1 ever Address him as tiger ever . Does not deserve that at all. Hang that.. fill in the blanks

We can all guess what happened after these tweets. There was immediate political backlash. He was criticized by one and all for such remarks. His father even came and apologized for his tweets and called them irrelevant. Cases of contempt of court were filled against him. But finally to his relief the matter died a silent death and not much harm was done.

When Shahrukh Khan said he has faced discrimination in India:

It was some years back when Shahrukh said this and immediately Indias most wanted criminal Hafiz Saed offered him to come to Pakistan if he didnt feel safe in India. To anybodys guess what followed was pure chaos. Criticism of the statement flew left right and center and the Badhsha had to call a press conference to clear the air on the issue in which he gave a blunt and befitting reply to the most wanted terrorist.


Bollywood artists returning awards and FTII row:

Well recently many Bollywood artists and award winners in a symbolic gesture returned their awards over the alleged atmosphere of intolerance in the country. This event happened along with months old strike of FTII students protesting against the heading of the institute by Gajender Chauhan who according to them is not deserving of the position. These two episodes have colored Bollywood in politics. So how can the politicians be far behind? The BJP ruled government termed these events as being orchestrated by their opposition party and it is now questioning the loyalty of the Award winners.


When Amar Singh called Shahrukh Khan’s detention at the US airport a Publicity Stunt:

Well we all remember the controversy when Mr. Khan was held back at the US airport. But the then Samajwadi Party leader commented on it calling it a publicity stunt for his upcoming movie My Name is Khan. To this Shahrukh khan gave a prompt reply saying Amar Singh is not in good health.

So I pray to God to give him physical and mental strength.” Well seems to be the Badhsha has been in news more often than not for his political statements.





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Times Bollywood Got Into Political Trouble

  1. I watched the Sharukh latest intervie… I think this is marketing stunt for his upcomming movie… I want to say
    SRK is a celebrity, BJP NATIONAL SECRETARY GERERAL and YOGI BABA is also a MP they are the sencir people then how can they give this type of interview… What the massage they want to give to the people by his speech…


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