Shapewear plays a very important role in making you feel and look your best but choosing the right one for you from so many styles that are available in the market currently can be a challenging task. So today we have compiled a must haves list of the best shapewear for women available in the market that will offer something for all the ladies out there irrespective of their style, target areas and preferences. So, without any further delay, let us get to our list:

1. High Waist Shorts Shapewear:

This style does it all for you, it shapes your butt, thighs and hips with emphasis on your tummy. You can wear it all day long to get rid of muffin tops.

2. Shapewear Briefs

In case you are only looking for tummy control and want to stay away from thigh coverage, this high-rise shaper panty is the choice for you. It provides a firm control around your tummy to smooth bulges and to create that hourglass figure.

3. Open Bust Bodysuit Shapewear

This bodysuit gives you compression while you can wear your own bra. The panels in the mid-section provides you with extra support and it has an all-over smoothing benefit.

4. Shapewear Corset:

This shapewear gives you an hour glass shape and can also be used by postpartum women who want abdominal support. The smoothing fabric and structured boning work together to help you improve your posture.

5. Low-Rise Shorts Shapewear

These shorts don’t come as high as the high waist shorts shapewear but still smooth without feeling extra constructing. You can wear them everyday under pants, skirts and dresses.

6. Shapewear Tank

In case you wear a layering tank everyday then this one should be the pick for you. This will not feel as constructing as other regular shapewear and you can wear it under tops to smooth and slim.

7. Shapewear Bra

This shapewear is specially designed to get rid of that bra-induced back-fat as we all know that some regular bras create unwanted bulges and lines.

Hope these picks will help you decide which shapewear is suitable for you as per your needs and requirements. Cosmolle shapewear is one of the best brands in the market for shapewear as they offer amazing quality, fabric and designs at a reasonable price. And also do not forget to try their new butt lift sculpt wear which are super amazing. So, gals what are you waiting for browse now to shop for your shapewear today!


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