It’s hard to find any girl who does not love applying and experimenting with heena/mehndi on her hands! I know your answer is yesss most definitely 😉  This Mehndi is an integral part of Indian culture which is used to beautifully decorate the hands and feet especially during weddings, other festivals and celebrations. There are many different designs and patterns of Mehndi which are used to decorate hands and feet. 


I personally love applying heena on my hands especially on festive season’s and occasions like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, bhai dujJ As I am more on creative side so I always love experimenting with new Mehndi styles and designs like Arabic, floral, traditional etc.
Let me give a brief intro of Mehndi first…
Well! Mehndi is the name of a tropical plant whose leaves are dried and after drying, its leaves are made into paste and then used as a natural dye. There are many ways in which Mehndi is used; two of the most common uses of Mehndi are hair coloring and temporary tattoo for decoration of hands and feet. Mehndi is one of the best coolants which are gifted to us by the nature. This mehndi is said to be originated in India but now a days it’s widely used in many Eastern countries and now it has find great demand in Western countries too. Today I have compiled some of the best Mehndi designs for all of you, hope you like theseJ:  


























Do not forget to try these Mehndi designs J I am sure you would love to see these beautiful decorating designs on your handsJ I bet this will definitely make your dayCorrect me if I am wrong 😉

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25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs Which You Will Love For Sure…

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