Jumpsuits are a fashion trend. A sexy off shoulder jumpsuit on the street is even more eye-catching. Choosing the right fit for your body and height is important and have you ever experienced being fully naked in a public restroom just so you could use the toilet? Nevertheless, do not let this garment intimidate you. Think of it as a little upgrade from your usual outfits for a chicer alternative as compared to what you usually wear.

Here are some points to keep in mind when you’re trying to put together a chic outfit with one-piece wardrobe essentials.

The perfect fit to your jumpsuit

To look polished and put together, choose a long playsuit that fits your body perfectly. Avoid those that are too tight or too loose. Think of it this way- too tight overalls could make you look like cat woman, while too lose overalls will make you look huge and overwhelm your body.

Outline your waist

Please, never forget about this point. Losing your figure will make you look triple your size. If you ever see yourself looking larger, then cinch your jumpsuit at the waist by adding a cloth or a belt to define it. Not only will it add some girly vibes into your ensemble, it will also give you that curvy look you may or may not desire.

The length of your jumpsuit

We all know that the wide-leg one-piece is the most flattering of them all because it will give you a smooth and modernized look. So, consider choosing a long playsuit that stops right at the ankle. It will give you a long, lean body as well as it makes you show off your shoes. Avoid awkward above-ankle length jumpsuits as this will make you look shorter.

Show some cleavage

Plunging neckline is sexy as hell, but it’s also a great way to break up a head-to-toe print. Draw the eyes up and away from your cleavage by adding a short necklace or even a bold earring.

We will show you how to take your jumpsuit to a whole new level with these outfit ideas.


Khaki Jumpsuit for that Off-Duty Model Look

You’ll instantly be an instant street style fashion star with this khaki jumpsuit. Swap your usual Sunday dress with leather jacket with this one instead. Pair yours with plain white canvas shoes or boots to complete your look.


Easy, Breezy Off the shoulder Jumpsuits

Keep this breezy with a casual, loose jumpsuit with cutouts around the waist. It’s the perfect summer one piece that can be worn from dusk until dawn. For the office, pair it with a white crisp blazer and your favorite high heels. For a night out, add in hoop earrings, a clutch bag and strappy high heel sandals. Don’t forget to complete the look with a statement-making red lipstick. Purchase one on Talever. It also comes in black, royal blue and beige stripes.


Asymmetrical Style in Denim

A super cute and sexy one-piece in all denim and asymmetrical style, that can go from day to night effortlessly. In the daytime, wear as is to the office, while at night time, swap your white mules to a sexier pair of shoes like kitten heels. Don’t forget to complete your look with a smokey eye and bold-color lips.


Floral Jumpsuit with Chain Belt

You can always count on a floral jumpsuit to create a gorgeous, colorful ensemble. This jumpsuit will turn every head in the room. Instead of your usual leather belt, choose a chain belt to accentuate the curves. Complete your ensemble with wedge sandals, fringe earrings and a cute shoulder bag.


For Athleisure

Revealing cuts like deep V-necks or a backless type, this type of jumpsuit is for you. No one will even judge you because athleisure is very much in style right now. Sport them with your sneakers for a comfortable, sporty look.


Modest Jumpsuit for the Conservative Women

If you’re worried about showing too much skin, here’s a jumpsuit that will keep you covered while looking fashionable.


A Show-Stopper Long playsuit

With arm and leg slits so big, a plunging neckline so low and a not-so-common material, this grungy jumpsuit will surely make a big impression. If you want to give your wardrobe a nice twist, you definitely need this type of one piece.

Choose one of your favorite jumpsuits and wear them for a variety of events. I think it will bring you a different mood and make you more confident and beautiful.

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