Well what is a girls best friend? What does a girl aspire for the most? No it is not a diamond, not some vacation, not the makeup kits but some beautiful dresses. Dresses make a girl look her best, I feel like a princess when I wear them. I love the feeling of freedom and feminism that I get when I wear a dress. I love all sorts of dresses. The kind of dress I like to wear depends on my mood and the place I am visiting. Well my personal favorite is a long prom dress. I love the very feel of it. When you wear such a dress it gives a royal, rich feeling which I am mad about. The perfect dress matched up with some beautiful stilettoes is like a dream come true. What is great, is if you want to impress any guy this is the look that would make him go mad at you. Well today I will share with you the dresses I have finalized for my best friends wedding. Well to my liking it is a Christian wedding in which I get to wear the dresses I love, yayyyieee!

Well I am a big fan of the royal colors, black and white so here too, my dress for her wedding day is of white color while the black color dress is for the cocktail party. The white one is plain, but thats how I like it!


While for the cocktail party I have gone for some skin show. After all the months of working out in the gym I have toned up. So if you have it you flaunt it, isnt it?? I love this black one with the netted and flowery pattern. I find it hot! If you too chose this one you will know where all the eyes in the party will be.


What is great is the price of these Prom dresses UK?and on the top of it they are gorgeous and from U.K., where all the fashion begins. You can buy these two from MissDressShop.

I hope you liked these two dresses that I have chosen. Do share your views on the dresses ūüôā love you folks cyaaaaaaaaaań°:**


My Unending Love For Dresses: Part 1

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