by Rashmi on 14 MAR 2014

Hey girls! The D-Day is finally about to come with a big bang(at least for meJ) and I cannot think of a better option than my lovely readers to share my feelings and excitement with. We will be flying to Mumbai tomorrow morning for THE LAKME FASHION WEEK. For the last 1-2 days I was quite busy in deciding what to wear for my red carpet appearance(don’t know why all of a sudden I am feeling like a celebrityJ…it is not my fault you all know na how excited I am for this event.) 

Yesterday I and Jyoti(my sis) went for shopping and after 5-6 hours of hard work I am all set with what I am going to wear tomorrow for the show. Well I am going to wear a purple knee length dress and Jyoti is still confused as she is not satisfied and convinced with our yesterday’s shoppingJ. So I am all done and only some last minutes preparations are left. Please forgive me if I am sounding over the top excited but gals I cannot help as some things in this world is out of our controlJ.
But girls I need your little help as I am still confused about my hair styling. I mean I have medium length neither straight nor curly hair, they come in between the two extremes and I will be really grateful if you can suggest any specific hairstyle I should go for???   

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