Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!

Hi girls! Yesterday I met one of my very old childhood friend, she doesn’t have a good height and is plump as well, so she kept on complaining about her height and physique for the whole time we were together. She wanted some tips from me on how to look tall and slim. Who doesn’t want to look tall, lean and have looks to die for? I am sure that everyone does 🙂 Actually, by god’s grace I am slim and blessed with good height as well(Check my black zara sheath dress look). But that may not be with everyone, so we need to find out ways for looking tall and slim with all the resources we have. One of such important way of looking tall and slim is the way we dress up. So, today i am going to share some tips on how to look Tall and Lean.

Wear Vertical Stripes:

Girls, anything that elongates your height is a good thing. One such way to Elongate your height is to wear vertical stripes, they help to extend the look of your shorter body. This vertical effect can be achieved by various patterns such as chalkstripe, pinstripe and herring bone.

Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!

Check out Bollywood celebrities in Monochrome look.


Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!


Avoid going short:

Its better to avoid going short i.e. wearing short sleeved clothing and shorts draws attention to your limbs which makes you look shorter. Go for lightweight long sleeved shirts and tops and linen trousers that you can roll up on the forearm during hotter months.

Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!


Monochrome it:

Discard contrasting colors form your appearance, this will help you to streamline your look. Its always better to keep your clothes within a consistent color theme to look tall. Its also a good idea to opt for bright colors too, as long as you are wearing the same color and hue from top to bottom.


Waist it:

If you want your legs look longer then ditch the hipster pants and jeans. If you wear pants down on the hips makes your legs look stubby. If you wear the waistband of your pants higher or at the natural waist then you will look much taller.

Style Guide- Dress To Look Tall And Lean!!

I hope all these tips must have helped you in picking the right clothing to look tall and lean 🙂

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