Well love is what we all look for in life and dates are the way we reach there. Meeting someone alone and spending some time with them is what we mean by a date. Having had some bizarre dates already you wouldn’t want to screw things up the next time you go out with a guy/girl. So here we will take a look at the things you must keep in mind and do when on your first date with someone special.


Make it look like a date:

Well there is a difference between hanging out with someone and going on a date. So make sure you go to some place which isn’t that crowded, which does not have loud music playing. A place where the two of you can talk is the place you want to be on a first date.

Keep it simple and light:

Well talking is the most important part of your first date. You must talk to your date about yourself but remember to keep it light and not start with some heavy issues that you have. Start with your family, friends, politics, music, hobbies and stuff. Some people have a tendency of talking about their past relationships which is a complete NO.

Dress nicely:

Every guy wants to date a beautiful girl and if it is your first date then thinking about what to wear and dressing to impress is the way to go. Some make up and high heels will add to your appeal. But remember don’t overdo with your looks as it might also work against you.

Come 5 minutes before time:

No one likes late comers and you surely would not want your date to wait that too on the first date. Plus coming early shows yours eagerness and sincerity for making it work which also gives a positive signal to your date.

Keep your phone on silent mode and its face down on the table:

Doing things with your phone on your date is a complete No. This shows that you are not eager to converse. You must keep it facing down on the table. Well just imagine you are talking about something emotional or romantic and the phone rings. The whole mood flushes down the gutter.

If you have asked for a date you are the one paying:

Well these are general manners but we tend to forget them. It is very important to be reasonable with your approach. Even if he is a guy and you have asked for the date, it is you who must be paying the bill and likewise for the guys too. In addition to this, be very calm and avoid those comments on bill payment “shall I pay?”. This is a complete no no. You should behave like it has been a pleasure treating your date.

Keep your cool- don’t freak out:

Some people have a tendency of freaking out while on the first date. They either speak a lot or are frozen. You must try to avoid these two. Keep the talk on 1:1 ratio. Keep them interested in your talks and try to know him/her. Don’t sit mum in front of him/her.

Couple fighting young woman about to cry

Don’t show what you feel too much:

Well agreed he/she is looking hot, a general comment is fine but don’t start praising him/her. Keep him/her guessing of what’s coming. Tell him/her something and keep them thinking about the things you haven’t said. If you really like them on the first date itself don’t show them that, show them you are interested but don’t let them know you have already fallen.

Well these are some of the things you must keep in mind while on the first date. I hope you have a great date..! Do share with us if these helped you.

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Things You Must Do On Your First Date

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