Pinafore Dress
Hi all! Today, I have come up with a different dressing style and this dress is called “Pinafore Dress”. Confused? Actually this one is a reminiscent of your school days but with some stylish and glamorous twist. This beautiful and cute dress might remind you of your younger years. At least it reminded me of my school days, which is the best part of life, no worries..

Just studying and playing.

Ahh I wish those days to come back but never mind, time doesn’t wait for anyone. As the time passes by, we use to forget our childhood days and all the stuff which used to make us happy get deep into the heaps of dust. But girls, while browsing the days yesterday, I found something which reminded me of my school days, so thought why not share it with you today 🙂 . Now let’s come to this “Pinafore Dress”

What it is?
It looks like dungaree style tops, which is without a collar, or say somewhat like an apron. But this one is so much more into the
fashion when compared with dungarees and aprons. The Pinafore dress has now evolved as a great example of summer dresses that are casual yet very hot and sexy and can make you look very stylish and apart.
Pinafore Dress with Tom Boy Look


Pinafore Dress with Polka dots


Leather Pinafore Dress




Pinafore Dress with Bow


Knee Length Pinafore Dress
Way to Style it right:
The Pinafore dress can be styled in varied ways to suit different occasions. For a brunch, you can pair a military green version with a floral full-sleeved shirt underneath or you can go all out glamorous by wearing it sans anything underneath but a cropped studded jacket on top.


Hope you guys liked this “Pinafore Dress” and will try to experiment with its different styles.

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“Pinafore Dress”-Style Guide

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