Priyanka Chopra With Tied hair at a Bollywood Event

I just wonder how does the Bollywood actresses manage to look so beautiful and stylish all the time 😮 Its a dream of all the Indian girls and ladies to look as stylish and beautiful as these Bollywood beauties are, at least i would love to be 🙂  i guess you all must have heard this saying “Whats in your mind is on your body”. This saying is completely true. If you are happy, you will wear some vibrant clothes, accessories and hairstyles and on a not so cheerful day you may end up wearing dull clothes and not much bothered about how does your hair look. Trust me the greatest put off for any body is a bad hair day and if you are wearing a good shine on your hair as well as a chic hairstyle then your day will be charged up and you will end up other girls to envy you because of your looks and hairdo. And what else could be better than getting inspired from the hair styles of Bollywood Divas? 😉

Yes, you guessed it right 🙂 today i am going to share some of the beautiful hairstyles which these Bollywood beauties use to wear at different occasions. Let’s start with “Pee Chee” (Priyanka Chopra) She Looks amazing in open straight hair and a lovely smile.



Priyanka with short hairstyle


Here, Priyanka has tied her hair in side with a beautiful Golden gown

Here comes South Indian Beauty, “Deepika Padukone”. She looks beautiful in open hair with curls at the bottom.

This Puffed Pony style catches everyone’s eye

Again a side partition straight layered look

Katrina looks hot with side partition and a pony

Kat look’s So elegant in open layered hairstyle.

Now comes one of the most beautiful woman on earth, yes it’s our own Miss World-“Aishwarya Rai”. I have always admired here for her looks. She looks absolutely stunning in this curly open hairstyle.

Open hair with half curls

Tied hair and a bun


Puffed hairstyle with curly hair

Again puffed hair with curls on the back tied up

Beautiful Bun at the Top

Curly hair half pinned up on the back

I adore all these Bollywood Divas for their experiments with their hair. I loved all these, but i am a little biased for Aishwarya Rai 😉 she looks the best in all the hairdo’s. Whats you opinion? and who’s your favorite?

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