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Mesmerizing, ephemeral and every bit as sensuousas is Manav Gangwani’s forte, is the core of the collection, “Le’amoureuse”. With a promise of visual surfeit, he takes you on a journey into a floral garden to celebrate the sensuality of a woman depicted through the avenue of fashion.

An incomparable amalgamation of garments, the collection isbold and dreamy, unbound by prudence or propriety. An expression of infinite freedom, it answers an inner call of intense passion, which lies deeply embedded in our hearts. Vibrant, romantic, elegant with an element of risqué, this collection is the apt mix of the feminine and the contemporary.

The colors and textures of the collection are poignant yet surreal, with a palette comprising of a subtle & mysterious gunmetal grey, fresh peachy coral, ethereal aqua and a dark yet sensual purple. A host of delightfully opulent fabrics have been used to dramatize the garment. From shimmery, sheer tulle, to glimmering sequin georgettes; from translucent organza to sheer French laces; every fabric of the collection is chosen carefully to add sumptuousness beyond compare.

Dreamy ethereal cuts, artfully draped gown saris, ravishingly sensual gowns structured seductively to the contours of the body, balanced byelegantly innovative pantsuits, celebrate the feminine yet modern woman.

Kangana Ranaut for Manav Gangwani Kangana Ranaut and Manav gangwani- 2

As is Manav’s distinctive style, the entire collection is exquisitely embroidered with timeless threadwork and rich workmanship, complimented with contemporary applique and sparkling sequins, breathtaking in their beauty! Swarovski elements are used imaginatively throughout this glorious collection, adding another dimension to glamour.

“In my opinion, fashion is all about sensuality, how a woman feels on the inside. Fashion to her, is an expression of Individuality.  Clothes certainly have a profound effect on a woman’s persona, which, I believe, does make the woman. My Collections tell a story and that’s how I want my clothing to be.” says Manav while speaking about his new collection.

Fashion has no limits & Manav Gangwani with this riveting collection breaks the boundaries with another level of brilliance.

Kangana Ranaut and Manav Gangwani Manav gangwani, Kangana and Artist Iranna MG COUTURE Sonalika Sahay for Manav Gangwani 2 Sonalika Sahay for Manav Gangwani

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