Well I had been having many requests from various sources to let them know about Livon Hair Gain Tonic if I even use it and indeed I did. I bought this one and thought of telling you how I found the product. But before that let us tell you what the product is all about.


About Livon Hair Gain Tonic:

This product has been made by livon and no guys this product is not just about baldness. I know their advertisements and all, but the product cannot make a bald man all hairy. If this was the case this product would be used by all who were bald and given the price of the product not a person in the world would have remained hairless. Well coming back, this product basically is for controlling hair fall and accelerating hair growth. Yes so that means it prevents you from going bald (as per their claims) and not make bald men/women hairy. It has root energisers which enhance hair growth.


How to use it?

Well the bottle comes with a nozzle on the top as you can see in the pictures. You can apply the tonic directly to the affected area with the tip of the nozzle or with your fingertips. Apply it twice a day once after you take bath and before going to bed. 4-8 ml per use.

livon-hair-gain-tonic-review-pictures livon-hair-gain-tonic-review-pictures

My experience with Livon Hair Gain Tonic:

I used the product and it didn’t impress me much. I used it as per the bottle suggests and even after 15 days I couldn’t see any difference. There was just a slight difference in hair fall and no other difference. I would rather say I faced more problems than having benefits. Even after 30 days there was nothing I can claim this product has helped me with, so I wouldn’t term my experience pleasant.

livon-hair-gain-tonic-review-pictures livon-hair-gain-tonic-review-pictures

Pros and cons of Livon Hair Gain Tonic:


  • The product promises active root energizing which is great at the given price, if it suits anyone then you cannot get this treatment at such a price.
  • Though the price of the tonic is 650 rupees but the work it does (at least claims) is worth far more, so a cheap deal.
  • Easy to use, as the nozzle can be very easily used to apply the tonic directly. The cap or the nozzle keeps the tonic safe from slipping out.


  • My hair felt all the more oily and rough after its use. I started feeling quite bad going out with such hair.
  • I did not find anything in it which benefitted me. So I did not like the product.
  • As the product hardly worked for me, the 650 rupees I spent on it look so much. I could have easily got a hair spa done and felt so much more satisfied.
  • I developed twin heads in my hair after its use, they are such a pain that I quit using the product even before the tonic finished.
  • Even after 15-30 days there was no/ negligible decrease in the hair fall.


Well the product did not go well for me, I have silky straight hair and a normal scalp. So if you have the same quality of hair and scalp then I would say don’t ever buy the product, I wasted my money you should not. While if you have some different hair then you can try the product and see if it suits you. If it does, well and good if it doesn’t then 650 rupees is not such a big investment. Some products work on some people and they don’t work on others. The choice is yours I could just share my experience and I just did that.


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