Well in this world of glitz and glamor there blossoms love. It grows and gets converted into some beautiful relationships. But not all relationships see a happy ending. There have been some of the most unwanted, unexpected and difficult breakups that our Bollywood celebs have faced. These separations had taken a toll on them and they took a lot of time to come over these breakups. These actors suffered a lot and we could sense that from their face, body language and behavior. Some of these actors were so sad that they did not appear in the lime light after their breakup. That is the reason we have termed them as the true devdasses of Bollywood.

Salman Khan:

Who doesn’t remember his ugly breakup with Aishwarya Rai. They were reportedly madly in love with each other, they were dating since they met on the sets of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Their closeness and love story is known by one and all. They has such good chemistry that it was but natural that they will marry. As we all know their relationship did not work out and after the break up Salman vanished in the dark somewhere. He wasn’t seen in any public outings and even in his movies you could figure out how sad he is. He was even reported to be calling Aishwarya and saying stuff which wasn’t pleasant. The affair ended on a bad note and it shocked the whole industry. Thankfully now he has recovered and started to rock B-town again.


Shahid Kapoor:

Well just before the release of Jab We Met there were reports of him breaking up with Kareena. No one took it seriously and all termed it as a publicity stunt. The report was true and Shahid was in a shock. He vanished from the social circle and wasn’t seen for quite some time. He took a while before he became normal. They still avoid each other at award functions and the cold vibe can still be seen between them.


Vivek Oberoi:

He came with a bang, rocked the industry, promised a lot and caught the biggest fish in B-town in his love-Aishwarya Rai. He even publicly declared and told a photographer “mai Aish se shadi karunga and aapko bhi bulaunga”. Nothing of this sort happened and his career just finished after that. He also got involved in an ugly spat with Salman Khan over Aishwarya’s issue and that too affected his prospects in Bollywood. He was reportedly completely heart broken and the next thing we hear after some years is that he is married now.


Kelly Dorjee:

After being in a relationship for this long, this actor was dumped by former Miss Universe Lara Dutta. She then immediately married the tennis star Mahesh Bhupati. The man was heartbroken and can be called a true devdass.


Abhishek Bachchan:

Well his affair with Karisma Kapoor was about to result in marriage. Everything was fixed but the financial condition of Amitabh Bachchan was in bad shape in those days. They couldn’t marry as the family of Karisma refused and cancelled the wedding. Abhishek was very hurt at this. Though eventually he got the honor of marrying the most beautiful girl in the world but at that time he sure had become one of the devdasses.


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