Well Hollywood is the biggest, grandest and the most sought after film industry of the world. It has huge budgets, great concepts and in real sense fabulous film making. That is one of the reasons why we look up to Hollywood as the place where if any of our stars make it, we feel proud and those who make it become even bigger stars. Well here we have compiled a list of those actors who made it to Hollywood and made the country proud and their careers graphs rocketed sky high.

Malika Sherawat:

She is the hardest trier in the list. All other have been comfortable with their entries and have sustained it. But she was seen in just one movie which got over hyped in which she was seen in a small role. The hero was Jackie Chan so she bragged about it for months.


Imran Khan:

He is in the true sense made a place for himself in the foreign land. He has done some of the biggest hits of their releases in respective years. He was seen in a role in Slumdog Millionaire which won Oscar. His role in Life Of Pie to his role in the Amazing Spiderman, The Namesake, New York, I Love You, the list just does not end, nor does the praise he has received for all these movies.


Aishwarya Rai:

She is considered to be the most beautiful women not just in India but everywhere. She, with films like Pink Panther and The Last Legion to her name, has made her way to Hollywood. She has also been given a famous award by the government of France for her acting skills and popularity.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan At Longines Press Meet

Amitabh Bachchan:

His presence in The Great Gatsby and his performance made the movie what it turned out to be. This Indian gem is as famous in Hollywood as anywhere outside India. He indeed is one of the greats of Bollywood and even Hollywood has bowed its head to his persona.


Om Puri:

He is another actor like Imran Khan who has made Hollywood a place for himself. He has been seen in so many movies till date in Hollywood recently, that he hasn’t been working on many movies in Bollywood. With movies like City Of Joy, East Is East, Wolf, Chrlie Wilsons War and many more he has become one of the most sought after actors of Bollywood in the west.



With great performances in films like the Namesake and Life Of Pie, she hasn’t been a disappointment in the west. She has gained acceptance and has proved her metal with these roles.


Anupam Kher:

He is one of those actors who can play any role in any movie and Hollywood had to utilize that. He has acted in the Oscar nominated The Silver Linings Playbook and earned applause for his work. He earlier was also seen in the role of a father in a movie starring Keira Knightley which was Bend It Like Beckham. Which also was a hit overseas as well as in India.


Anil Kapoor:

Who can forget his performance in Slumdog Millionaire??? He followed it up with bagging a role in Tom Cruise starer famous series of Mission Impossible. He too has made it to Hollywood and made it big. He is considered for all suitable roles these days. He is all set to rock the west like he has done here in the subcontinent.

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