Anushka Sharma who became the butt of a lot of Twitter ridicule for misspelling former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s name in her RIP tweet, finally admitted her mistake while at a recent event.

Talking about the unfortunate tweet, she said, “It was an honest mistake. Everybody makes mistake. Having said that my intentions and feelings cannot be misconstrued. What I felt was true and got understood is more than enough for me. I have been trolled lot many times on Twitter and I have realized that I don’t want to pay attention to cowards. They are hiding behind the computer screens and posting with some fake names. Anybody can do that. Ask them to come and tell me on my face that is when I will say what I want to.”

This is not the first time she got trolled on Twitter. This has happened before as well when Virat lost his wicket in the crucial match of cricket World Cup 2015 and also when she got done a lip job. Both the times she faced a lot of criticism and became the butt of jokes.

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