Bollywood is the place of dreams and for your dreams to come true you just not only need talent but also some luck. There have been many actors who have been very talented but not good in looks and thus haven’t been able to make it big, while some actors have been good looking and talented as well but still they haven’t been able to make it to the top. So what we understand by this is that luck plays a very important role in making an actor a hit or a flop. So today we will discuss about the actors/actresses who are either overrated or without much talent they have been able to have an easy way in the industry. They on the basis of their looks or some luck have made space for themselves in the industry. So let us get started with the most overrated and lucky people in the industry.

Katrina Kaif:

She is the queen of being over rated and lucky. Since her first movie she hasn’t been promising at all but in spite of her lacking in talent, her luck has made up for all other things. She has been so lucky to be starring alongside all big boys of the industry that she has hardly anything to do in the movie and still she made a lot of money. From Salman Khan to Akshay Kumar to Hrithik Roshan and Sharukh Khan, she has acted with all and got herself more movies because of all movies being hits. It is not that she hasn’t improved since her debut, she has, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been lucky. She has worked hard on her dancing skills and that is one place where she neither has been lucky nor is overrated.


Salman Khan:

Now many people might say that he is such a big star and I will say, that is why we call him overrated. We all know about Salman Khan’s acting skills. He is very much an average actor to say the least but his movies hardly stop at the 100 crore mark. He earns so much because of the fan following and not for his acting skills but because of his attitude and personality. He has always been a lovable character and thus has achieved these heights.


Abhishek Bachchan:

This junior Bachchan has been in the industry for long and hasn’t made much of an impact. He is now largely a second fiddle hero. But what we see most of the time is that he gets movies over and over again. I don’t know the reason behind it but surely talent and hard work is not the reason. At the time when even the most successful actors have worked on their bodies, he is happy flaunting a big stomach. His acting is too average to even compare him with his dad.


John Abrahim:

He again is one of the luckiest actors in Bollywood. With average acting and good looks he has earned a place in Bollywood which many in spite of having both the above mentioned qualities and talent hardly get. But luck only favors some, he has been the perfect villain in Dhoom and Race 2 and has made the producers earn big bucks on his own in Dostana and Desi Boys.


Aishwarya Rai:

She might be the most beautiful girl in the world but if you talk about her acting I doubt she is that good. What is surprising is that she has been praised for it sometimes. Well that’s what is called overrating, isn’t it??? She though has improved in her acting skills now but still the category of the Madhuris and Kajols is not for her when you talk about acting.

aishwarya-rai-at-cannes-bff-pic 9-2009

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