We all know the importance of protein in our daily lives and I have already discussed them in detail in “All You Need To Know About Proteins.” The thing is we are not able to fulfill our daily requirement of protein as a result we always remain deficient and deprived of protein. Our muscles crave for it and when they do not get it they become weak and in turn we become weak. So here is this product which can help you in assimilating some proteins for your daily requirements. Protein X is one of the few mainstream protein products which are available in general market for adults. Let us take a look at how the product is and my experience with it.

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The product:

The product contains hydrolyzed protein which helps in easy absorption of proteins in the body, in addition to that it is also containing some essential minerals and vitamins which are also needed by the body. It comes in two flavors Chocolate and Vanilla. I have tried both and they taste average. The taste of vanilla is better than that of chocolate. The product also promises to improve immunity. It comes in two variants of weight 200g and 400g which is a sad thing as it gets finish too early. It is advised to take the protein with milk.

Protein-X-Review-Pictures-Swatches Protein-X-Review-Pictures-Swatches Protein-X-Review-Pictures-Swatches

Protein content: 32 grams/100 grams or 9 gram per serving of 30 grams.

My experience with Protein X:

I purchased the product many a times and I like it. It provides good amount of protein for a normal adult who goes to office or does house hold work. I used to have two servings one in the morning and the other one in the night as a result I could get 18 grams of protein from protein X which is a good amount. Though I did not like the taste much but it is not horrible so you can easily have it.

I wish the product was available in a bigger pack. With two servings I have to buy the product too often.

Who should buy Protein X?

Well this product is not for you if you are thinking of building and gaining some muscles. But if you jog regularly and do some free hand exercises then this will suit you. You can then fulfill your requirements with the product. In fact I would suggest you to have this product daily as one cannot fulfil their daily protein requirements normally.

Pros of Protein X

  • The product is easy on the pocket and provides you with some essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It helps you fulfill the daily protein requirements without much problem.
  • Perfect for you if you do a little running and some light exercises.
  • It is easy to mix and have along with milk, mixing ability is good.
  • Comes in two different flavors and sizes so you can choose according to your requirements.

Cons of Protein X

  • The taste of the product is not very good especially the chocolate flavor- it hardly tastes like chocolate.
  • The product comes in very small packs thus you have to buy the product more often.
  • The price is a little high given the protein content.
  • Not suitable for gym goers or people who does a lot of physical activity.

Would I suggest Protein X to a friend?

I have already answered that one. It depends on your physical activity level and goals.


Taste: 2.5/5

Mixability: 4/5

Protein: 3/5

All and all a good product if you want to fulfil your protein requirements. Must have in your diet for all adults.


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