Hey hi all you people! Today I am writing a review on the moisturizer I bought recently. Basically I purchased Nivea For Men- Advaned Whitening-Dark Spot Reduction(Moisturiser) due to the multiple benefits it offered. From being a moisturizer to reducing dark spots, from skin whitening to having SPF 30, it looked like a complete beauty kit packet in one. So I bought the product. Well I will firstly talk about the product, what it is about and then talk about how I liked it.

Nivea For Men- Advaned Whitening-Dark Spot Reduction(Moisturiser) Review, Pictures


Product description:

Well as already I have spelled it out that the product has multiple functions what I want to add is that it is suitable for all skin types and it promises a 10X whitening effect. It is made with Whitanat vita complex plus. It repairs and energizes extra dull skin and damaged skin. The product is 40 ml and costs 180 rupees


The product claims it will give you healthy and white smooth skin along with intensely moisturized and protected skin (with SPF 30).


Apply daily to the neck and the facial area after face wash.


My Experience With Nivea For Men- Advaned Whitening-Dark Spot Reduction(Moisturiser):

Well talking about my experience I loved using the product. I being a guy myself and not very fond of putting all sorts of moisturizing creams and then sunscreens. I would love to use a product like this one which helps me move around with ease without getting darker. The SPF 30 of the product was very good according to me. As I generally go out in the sun quite a lot, living in delhi, everyone knows the intensity of heat. Still this product protected me and I got marginally tanned. Plus I used it just after I come out after a bath. The product works as a good moisturizer and didn’t make the skin too oily as it is seen with moisturizers. I would definitely recommend this product to all and would buy it again, next time a bigger pack. The product also makes you feel a shade fairer. I don’t know it was 10X or not but after putting it I felt a little fairer than normal.

Pros and cons of Nivea For Men- Advaned Whitening-Dark Spot Reduction(Moisturiser):


  • The product is a package in itself, it offers you multiple benefits and you should lash on to such deals.
  • A great moisturizer the skin feel hydrated and does not make the skin sticky and extra oily.
  • With SPF 30 you can do without sunscreen which is such a time saver and relief.
  • Its whitening effect promises to make you fairer which is welcome.
  • I also liked its smell.
  • It is easy to use and apply.
  • Comes in a friendly tube.


  • Well the price of the product is a bit on the higher side which is 180 for 40 ml.
  • Same product for all skin types thus might not suit some skin types.
  • The product offers many benefits so the focus area of the product is lost. As if you are at home and do not plan to go out, you would prefer a plain moisturizer while if you want to go out on the beach you would want a greater SPF sunscreen.
  • Many better moisturizers at cheaper rates are available (if you just consider it as a moisturizer).
  • Lacks specialization in its functions.

Basically it depends on you, what kind of product you want. In its own category it is a big player and hardly any flaws can be taken out if you want an all-rounder for yourself. I would suggest you to definitely buy it as I loved the product and I would for sure use this again.

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