Hello cuties! Hope you all are doing well. There are so many reviews pending for many products I have and I want to reduce the pressure a bit J, so I decided to do a review again. The product I am going to review today is “Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser.” I purchased a small bottle of this moisturiser from the local market and that too in a hurry. As I was trying it for the first time so I wanted to be on a safer side with a small bottle;-). So let us see how it worked for meJ.

What does the product claims:
The oil free formula moisturizes without greasiness and does not clog pores. Salicylic acid helps prevent pimples and blackheads. It leaves your skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.
Directions: Apply evenly on face and neck. Use twice daily for skin that’s clean, clear and beautiful.
Price: INR 50
Quantity: 50 ml
Shelf Life: 2 years
My take on Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
The moisturiser comes in a white color translucent oval shaped bottle with a purple color flip cap. As the bottle is translucent so you can get an idea about how much product is left. The overall packaging is spill proof and travel friendly. 
The fragrance of this moisturiser is very pleasant, mild and baby like J. It has a perfect consistency of a moisturiser, neither too thick nor too runny. As a result of which the moisturiser gets absorbed easily by the skin without any hassle and that is what I loved the most about this moisturiser. The moisturiser does not feel oily or greasy at all, again thumbs up for this. It feels very light on skin and does not clog pores. I have not faced any major breakout on skin and blackheads formation also got reduced(I guess apart from my Lotus Herbals Basiltone Cucumber & Basil Clarifying &Balancing Toner, this moisturiser also deserves some credit for reduction in blackheads formation J). So I felt it is living up to its claim of preventing pimples. I have this habit of using a moisturiser before applying my BB cream or foundation and this moisturiser makes their application smooth and makes them blend easily.
But I have a complaint with this moisturiser that when I purchased this moisturiser after reaching home I realised that the bottle was only half filled. I know that 50 ml is a small quantity and is supposed to get finished quickly but this would not even survive that long a 50 ml bottle is supposed to survive. Another issue is that I don’t think it would be that suitable for dry skin as it is not highly moisturising. It is fine for me as I have combination skin but I am not too sure about dry skin especially in winters. But as summers are approaching so it might work fine for dry skin too but I am not at all sure about this moisturiser’s performance with dry skin.
Pros of Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
  • Get absorbed by the skin very easily and quickly.
  • Does not make skin oily or greasy.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • Very pleasant, mild and baby like fragrance.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Perfect consistency of a moisturiser.
  • Feels very light on skin.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • Prevent Breakouts and blackheads formation.
Cons of Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
  • Bottle was half filled when I purchased the moisturiser which I realised later as a result of this it will get finished very quickly.
  • Might not be suitable for dry skin as it is not highly moisturising.         
Final Rating: 4/5
Will I repurchase Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser??
It does a good job at this price and you cannot expect anything more from a product costing you 50 bucks. So I would like to purchase it again (after making sure that the bottle is fully filledJ).
Do I recommend Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser??
Yes I would recommend it to people with combination to oily and acne prone skin. But I am not at all sure about dry skin beauties.
So gals hope you will find the review useful. B-bye for now and take very good care of yourselfJ.


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