When it comes to clothing for different occasions and celebrations, the most important thing is to look good during these. One of your biggest concerns would be whether you should wear any dress or an ethnic outfit. The answer is quite simple: wear sarees. Organza sarees are highly versatile because no matter what the occasion is, you can always wear one. If there is a plethora of festivities coming up, and you’re torn between wearing a dress and a lehenga, opt for sarees instead. A saree will give you a much richer and more traditional look as compared to any other ethnic wear.

From silks to cotton, there is no dearth of the types of sarees available these days. But if you think silks are too heavy and cotton is too subtle, how about you opt for organza sarees that perfectly sit between the two? An organza saree is a lightweight, sheer drape which is primarily made from silk. The soft texture and the vibrant hues of this saree make it a perfect outfit for any given festival. 

Since you won’t be wearing your organza sarees every day, they’ll spend most of their time sitting in your wardrobe. Most women complain about how dull and faded their sarees become, especially after they wear them after a long time. If you don’t want your organza saree to become a victim of time, we give you a few tips to maintain them in their original condition. 

How to wash your organza saree:

Before you wash the saree, you need to do a quick test to see how the organza reacts with water. Wet a small portion of your organza saree to see if it shrinks, tightens, wrinkles or stretches, in which case you need to give it to your dry cleaner. But if the saree remains as it is, you can wash it at home by soaking it in a bucket of cold water containing a mild detergent. Soak it for 30 minutes and gently scrub them with your hands before putting it out to dry.

How to dry your organza saree?

After washing our organza saree, be sure that you don’t wring it to squeeze the excess water out of it. Instead, place the saree on a towel and dab the excess water gently. Avoid putting it out in direct sunlight and instead dry it under shade to make sure the colour doesn’t fade. You can even gently place the saree on a hanger and gently ease the creases with your hands while drying.

How to store?

Avoid storing your organza saree directly with other clothes because you don’t want the colours to get merged with the drape. Avoid hangers and cloth bags too but you don’t want any creases or the saree to get caught between the zip. You can place your saree in a muslin cloth and store it separately in your wardrobe.

It is also recommended that you refold your organza sarees from time to time to make sure they don’t tear off from the existing creases. Avoid storing your organza saree in a plastic bag because they retain moisture, leading to the growth of mould on your delicate fabric. 

With these simple tips of maintenance, you can take care of your organza sarees and make sure they remain as good as new.

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How to take care of Organza Sarees: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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