Hey girls! Hope you are doing great. Today I am writing a review of a body polisher from FabIndia. Let’s get started J, Well, this Black Sesame and Salt body polisher is another different and interesting product from FabIndia store. This is the first body polishing product which I have ever picked up from any brand. I guess most of the girls generally don’t pick body polishers, hope I am rightJ. While I was on my way to shopping in FabIndia, I saw this one and found it quite interesting and thought why not try this one out?

About the Product:

Net Quantity: 100grams
Price: INR 200
Product Description:
The aromatic mixture of sea salt, black sesame and the therapeutic oils of pepper, cloves and ginger, exfoliates the skin and gives a rejuvenating effect.
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Sesame seeds, Sesame oil, Black pepper oil, Clover oil, Ginger oil.

How to Use:
Mix with massage oil or yoghurt as per preferences to make it a paste. Rub in circular motions on hands, legs, back
and neck. The oils and salt can be harsh on delicate skin. Avoid contact with cut & wounds.


My experience with Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher:

The product comes in a plastic jar, the actual size of the jar can be interpreted from this pictures above. The very first impression on the product was not so good and not so bad. This product seems to be a bit coarse so it’s a better idea to grind it before using. Its can be used with yogurt as well as with massage oil. Both of the mediums work good with this formula. I used the product directly with yoghurt and later used it with massage oil also. My skin felt healthier an glowing. It soothes your skin and you will feel a mild cooling sensation. This product reduces pigmentation with continued usage (using it several times a week, say 4-5 times). This one suites very well if used on dry skin and combination skin, but its usage and effects are highly doubtful on oily skin. It makes skin a few tones fairer, but this effect is temporary. It lasts for a day or two.



§  Nice Herbal product.
§  Skin feels nourished and healthier.
§  Gives an oil bath effect.
§  Non oily.
§  Pigmentation marks get lightened with continued usage.
§  Nice light texture.
§  Gives cooling sensation.
§  This product requires grinding for better effect.
§  Glowing effect is temporary, lasts for 1-2 days.
§  Need to grind the powder for better effect.
§  It’s strong fragrance may not be liked by everyone.
Will I Purchase it again?
I really like this product very much. The effects shown by this one are very good and noticeable. I will surely continue to use this body polisher and will purchase it again.

My rating: 4.2/5

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