There used to be a time when we would only see Ethnic wear being worn on festive occasions. But the trend has been fast changing, so if you pass by the north campus (Delhi University) don’t be surprised if you see more youngsters wearing ethnic than the usual stuff. What is the reason? We will talk about just that.

Why go ethnic?

The change is here to stay and it will in all likelihood catch more pace. Boys and girls, today, lean towards wearing ethnic owing to the comfort it gives them. In addition, these summers in Delhi make them even more suitable as for they are more airy than any other top or shirt.

Why men prefer Kurtas?



The Kurtas are an alternative fashion statement. Well, let’s face it; men don’t really have as many clothing options as the opposite sex does. And in this scarcity of choice, Kurtas give them that one extra option that they are in dire need of. Over and above looking good, it is comfortable and that’s what most men prefer since time immemorial.

Why women are in love with Kurtis?



If you ask a set of girls what they want, probably the most common answer would be ‘more options when I open the cupboard.”

But the question is why Kurtis?

The answer is fairly simple, they are reasonably cheap, look amazing, aahhh the comfort and a good number of them can be purchased for the same price as for an expensive dress. This has made kurti the love of many women’s lives. They can be worn with jeans or with leggings. The same piece can look entirely different depending on how you carry them.

In short women love more options in clothing and Kurtis are not only an option but also gives girls many different styles within them (even more options):D.

Style statement

So Kurtas/ Kurtis, especially with the variety present in the brands that are there in the market, are now rather a matter of style statement. A good piece can do wonders to your weekly plans of dressing up, and can surely up your style game.

Formal wear- A big Yes

The best part of ethnic wear is that they can be worn to your workplace. Especially if you are a girl Kurtis would be staple piece of your wardrobe. Plus what else provides comfort, style and formal wear, everything in one? Nothing!

Best places to buy

The tried, tested and age old markets of Sarojini nagar( famously known as SN) and Janpath(CP) have increasingly been replaced by the new favourite- Online shopping. With the ever increasing pace of life and lesser time to actually go to the stores, the online stores have increasingly gained ground. Also the flexible trial and return policies used by these make the online shopping experience all the more blissful. Plus the variety of clothes present online give range of choices to the customer. One can sit peacefully at home and just by the swipe of the thumb, one can navigate from one piece to the other.

This thereby is what we think of ethnic wear and its utility in current day and age. We also strongly recommend all of you to keep a few of these pieces handy because if you don’t already have them get them cause you surely do need them.

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Ethnic Is The New Fashion Trend

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