Hey ladies! I know how tough it is to judge if he is the right guy for you or not. Especially when one is emotionally attached and totally confused about the relationship. Girls generally don’t realize and are often confused if he is the right guy? Today we will help you find out just that. Well you just have to answer the following questions and then you yourself will realize if he is deserving to be your future hubby or he deserves to be dumped right now, or you need to assess your relationship more closely.Man and Woman laughing together

You laugh in his company:

Well, all ladies young or old, shy or bold wants her man to be humorous. He need not be a comedian but surely, if even his lame jokes make you laugh and make your day, he has scored my girl! If you laugh in his company then he surely makes you comfortable.

You are happy when he is around:

Well happiness is a thing defined differently by different people, but surely the essence of it is the same. You smile with him whatever the situation, forgetting all the wrong in your life. You feel love when he is around and feel free with him, then surely you are with the right guy.

Knowing each others families:

Some people like to keep it a secret and more often than not, the relationship ends in a failure. Moreover knowing each others family doesn’t mean you hang out with each others siblings or attend family events in each others family. It just means knowing few of the siblings of the guy and having met them in person a few times. This is one of the most important things to be sure that your guy isn’t with you just for the passing year or two.

You are not talking all the time:

Well if you are on phone all the times and he is asking you thousands of questions about each and everything then you guys surely need to sit and talk about this issue. Moreover its also about those beautiful silent pauses which are not uncomfortable! A good relationship not only gives space but also understands without endless talks. Certainly you cant talk whole life, so silence also needs to speak sometimes!

Right balance between him and friends:

Those relationships don’t last which do not have quality times for both. Both are important and if you are spending too much time with him, then you generally end up losing all your friends. This surely is short term. Or on the other side if you call him every time you go out with your friends, chances are that you don’t want to spend time alone. Both wont last for long. You are in need to find the perfect match.

You feel safe:

This has two aspects. If you feel safe that he is yours then surely you are with the right man. Insecurities generally don’t let the relationship last long. Secondly, you must also feel safe when you are with him. He makes you feel safe, protects and cares about you. Gestures like being concerned for small things show that he surely and truly loves you.

Support system:

This is one very important aspect when it comes to being with the right guy. Does he understand your ambitions and goals? Is he ready to support you? Does he encourage you? Does he push you to give your best? Well if the answer to these questions is yes, then he in all probability is the man of your dreams and the right guy.

Do share with us what you found about your guy? Did this one remove your confusions? We are eagerly waiting to hear.

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