Celebrity fashion greatly influences the trend of the next season styles especially in fashion. It is not uncommon to see both men and women replicating the style of their favorite star so that they can get the same attention from friends as well as strangers. This influence by celebrities is not limited to clothing but has extended to hairstyles as well. David Beckham and his various hairstyles have influenced the way men style their hair for many years now and he continues to be a favorite of many men even in 2016.

Even so, there are other hairstyles seen on celebrities that are definitely going to be a hit in 2016 and can be adopted for both formal and informal occasions. For men, there are celebrity haircuts that are definitely worth trying out in 2016, and they are:

Short cropped Hairstyle

Short hairstyles are making a comeback in 2016, with a number of celebrities adopting the look at events. It is an ideal haircut for men whose hair has begun to thin due to old age and also because they already had less hair to start with. Celebrities such as Chris Evans have adopted this style which in turn has made him look much younger for his age. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain as it only requires regular trimming and the use of clay to ensure that it has matte finish. However, if you have thicker hair, you can also have the hairstyle done so that you can look fashionable in 2016.


Layered Hairstyle

In Hollywood, both young and older men are adopting the layered look for 2016 as it is ideal for different face shapes. This look can be done on short as well as longer hair, with the older men preferring the long layer look seen on Brad Pitt as it is appropriate for a variety of occasions. Furthermore, the hairstyle frames the face quite well and does not need a lot of maintenance to look good every day. However, using quality hair products will go a long way in ensuring that it maintains a shine all day long.

Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut haircut is a must try in 2016 considering the number of celebrities that have been seen sporting the trendy look. This hairstyle can be styled in many ways which gives you an opportunity to adopt varied looks but maintain the basics of the haircut. Some of the common ways to personalize the hairstyle is to shave all the hair at the back and sides of the head, then styling the hair at the top slicked back. This is a celebrity hairstyle that has been seen over many years on male celebrities and is considered a classic look.


Overall, these three popular styles seen on male Hollywood stars is just a glimpse of the fashionable hairstyles that will be seen in 2016. So, to ensure that you keep up with the trends, it is advisable that you begin to discuss with your barber on the best one for you.


3 Hollywood Hairstyles To Try In 2016

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