Well we are back with the basics for you all and today we will take a look at some of the best back exercises for beginners. Back is a very important part of our body and one needs to work really hard to attain a good back. There are many exercises for the same but we will start today with some basic exercises to start off with as beginners. These are easy to do and you can find the machines and equipment required for these in the most basic gyms. Well before starting these exercises, I must tell you that you need to warm up before starting any exercise. A good 2 km jogging and some stretching along with cycling would be great for that. You should also do some push-ups before starting off with the back routine as pushups are a complete body workout and they also help you to open up the back muscles.

Chin Ups:

Well I did not include this one in the warm ups as this is a separate exercise for back and is one of the most important. For all guys, if you want a v-shaped body then do as much of these as you can. They might be difficult at first but when you gradually start with them, you become stronger and they become easier. As for the girls, look for the machine in the gym which has supporters for chin ups, and if the gym doesn’t have it and you are a beginner then start with the second exercise.


SETS AND REPS: start with 3 sets of 8 i.e. 3*8

Pull Downs- Front and Back:

These are two exercises clubbed in one. These pull downs are to be done on a machine. These are a great exercise and if you are unable to do pull ups, these will help you gain strength and start off with them too. They work on the upper back and they also help you attain the V shape (v shape will only b attained if you have a flat stomach:P). Let us talk about back and front separately.


Back: You can lift as much as you want to on this to increase the volume of your back.

4*12- 4 sets and 12 reps of each.

Front: start with 3 sets and then increase to 4 in the next outing

                3*12- 3 sets and 12 reps each.

  • Use the weight which suits your body strength.


Another beautiful exercise, which gives you great pump in the back. After doing these three exercises you can develop a great back and wear all those backless dresses and flaunt your sexy back. While doing this exercise open your arms fully and stretch and then contract bringing it close to your body.best-back-exercises-for-begginners-rower-back-beautyandfashionfreaks

SETS AND REPS: 4*15- start with 4 sets and 15 reps each in those 4 sets.

Again start with the weight you are comfortable with and if you want to increase the volume of your back increase the weight accordingly.

Single Hand Dumbbell Row:

This again is a rowing exercise using the bench and dumbbells. It gives you great results and a must do for all guys. If as a girl you want to skip this one you can. Well you can see the position in the image below. In this one you have to keep your back inside and your chest popped out and face straight.


SETS AND REPS: start with 4 sets of 12 each i.e. 4*12.

# One thing which you should remember while doing these exercises is that if you want lean muscles with more cutting and ripped body, you should focus on doing as many reps as you can while if you want a voluminous body lift more weight. An ideal set is somewhere between 8-12 reps.:)

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