Muscle fatigue and weakness is a common problem faced by many and it can turn out to a disastrous one if not tackled at the right time. It can leave you tremendously tired and helpless and as a result you will end up not enjoying your life. While the solution to this problem is very easy but the problem can leave you clueless about it. It makes you feel lethargic and most of the times you are not able to make out why are you feeling like that. Muscles can basically be tired because of two reasons i.e. over exertion or in-adequate diet. The first one can be catered with just focusing on the second one. Today we will discuss the ways you can cure your weak muscles.

Water and other fluids:

Drinking proper amount of water is a must whatever be your routine. Properly hydrated muscles are likely to be less fatigued than de-hydrated muscles. If your muscles are not properly hydrated you also have a risk of suffering from cramps. So proper fluid intake is what you need the most.



Our body needs a lot of carbs along with proteins and other nutrients. What is a better source for all of them than milk. Especially calcium present in milk is an essential component for muscles and bones both for keeping them strong and fit.



This magic dry fruit has its own share of benefits. It has vitamin E, 0.25 grams of proteins per piece and many other essential components. Thus it turns out to be one of the most important options for fighting muscle weakness.





Bananas are a great source of carbs which provide energy to the body which fights muscle fatigue. To add to this they are also a good source of natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose, all these sugars boost our energy levels. This is a great food, you can grab one whenever you are out and cannot have a proper meal.



These are a great source of potassium, carbs and many other nutrients. All of which fight muscle fatigue. Keep just one thing in mind, from potatoes I don’t mean fried potatoes in any manner. It means boiled or soaked potatoes, choose any of the two methods which suits you.



These must be called wonder foods. They are so damn important in our daily lives. They help you gain a lot of nutrients from just small pieces. They are a boon for health. They contain some of the rarest nutrients. They have great amounts of proteins, essential good fats and even carbs. A complete food in itself to fight muscle fatigue, having proper amounts of which will spare you from having any other item and be fit forever.


Milk with Honey and Lquorice:

This is a time tested remedy for fighting muscle fatigue. Just mix two table spoons of honey in a glass of milk and add one table spoon liquorice to it. This mixture can turn out to be your savior and you can roam free from muscle pains. For all who don’t know, liquorice is a herb that is known to fight general properties of muscle fatigue, it is said to boost adrenal hormones thus giving our body a lot of energy.

With all these remedies, you are bound to get some relief from muscle pain. I hope you liked this article, for more stay in touch and keep following us at beautyandfashionfreaks.

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Ways To Treat Muscle Weakness And Muscle Fatigue At Home

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