One of the gospel truths in the world of fashion is that accessories can make or break your look. Truly, in the age of selfie and social media, accessories are turning out to be essential than ever. Come to think of it, what do you do when you run out of new clothes? You can change, mix and match your accessories and come up with a totally new look. This spring season is big on accessories with the top fashion designers encouraging you to go bold and daring with your choices this time. Here are the ideas for the top nine accessories that are changing the game for women’s fashion. If you are looking to add more stuff to your accessory collection, these are the ideas that you must watch out for.

1. Micro sunglasses: The teeny-tiny sunglasses are going to be a strong trend for spring 2018. Leave out your oversized specs and opt for the sleek, small shades. The micro-frames come with either a sporty frame or a neon-colored frame. Celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid have sported the style on the runaways and outside it making the trend catches on.
2. Baker boy hats: Baker boy hats have made a comeback this time. With the temperatures rising, these hats are as functional as they are fashionable. These are perfect to team up with your weekend ensembles like jeans, dresses, and skirts. It is now time to bid goodbye to your wide-brimmed hats and pick up these casual, cool ones.
3. Statement Earrings: Statement earrings are the new it-thing this time around. Go for the ones that graze your shoulders in bright and bold colors. The tassels, beads, and hoops are the must-have jewelry this season. Select the longest and the most daring pair from your jewelry collection and pair those up with your blouses, tops, and even tee-shirts.
4. Transparent bags and shoes: The transparent bags have entered the fashion scene for quite some time now. The transparent shoes are a new entrant in the fashion scene of the season. The top designers like Valentino, Helmut Lang, Maison Margiela, and more have let the transparent bag and shoes take the center stage in their latest fashion shows. Embellish the bags with golden chains and studs and in case of shoes, go for eye-popping colors in the soles.

5. Low-heeled boots: The fact that fashion is becoming increasingly functional is evident in the comeback of the low-heeled boots. You can finally give your killer heels and stilettos a break and let your feet breath in these boots. However, as the trend is towards going bold and making a statement, the boots are filled with abstract patterns in quirky colors. If you go for the boots in solid monochromes, try choosing the ones with beads, crystals, and elaborate straps.

6. Crossbody bags: You must be thinking that crossbody bags have been around for quite some time and there is nothing new to them. But, even the humble cross body bags have got a daring makeover for the spring. The straps are getting shorter than ever now with the bags above your waist and not below it. Select a small size of a bag with adjustable straps and make the length of the bag end at your bust.

7. Ear cuffs: In this season of going bold, elaborate ear cuffs are bang-on-trend. Make a statement with long or big ear cuffs with your spring dresses and tops. The ear cuffs have dominated the runaways of the latest New York Fashion Week with all major names in fashion designing incorporating them in their collection. You can go for the pretty multi-layered Earrings or daring single-colored ones.

8. Geometric bags: The designers are moving away from the typical lady bags and gravitating towards bags in geometric shapes. The shapes that are trending now include circles, squares, cubes, and even stars! Think of all those shapes that you read at you geometry books. Now you can find all those in your handbags.

9. Super sneakers: In this changing fashion game for the upcoming season, even the sneakers have not remained the same. The usual white or blue sneakers are last season. The wild updates that you see in sneakers include curled toes, spikes, and crochets. There are even knee-high sneakers available that you can rock with your tee-shirt dresses.

The options to play around are pretty endless this season. Just take your pick and add your own twist to them. The only thing to keep in mind while going bold with the accessories is that you must keep the clothes simple. Let the accessories take center stage by keeping all the rest muted. Do not pile on too many statement pieces at once as looking like a Christmas tree is not what you aim for.

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