When a kid is born in a Bollywood family it is more of less fixed that he/she will sooner or later join movies. There are many kids who don’t but the majority remains with the same profession. We have seen many star kids make it big while some do not make it. Today we will not look at any of these but the kids who have turned out to be disastrous. They have not been able to live up to their surnames and made their way to this list. Let us get started.

Harman Baweja:

Love Story 2050, a big budget film of a famous producer’s son starring opposite none other than Priyanka Chopra. Still this actor hasn’t started off the mark. He was downplayed by one and all and since he hasn’t been around. Looks like he never came. No one misses him and hardly anyone cares. Poor Baweja.


Fardeen Khan:

Son of Firoz Khan, his debut itself was so depressing that he should have quit then and there but he continued but not for long. Seeing him in movies is a thing of past. He is hardly seen in movies now and all of us hope we don’t see him in any, in the near future.


Mimoh Chakraborty:

The legendary dancer’s son has stopped even before he started and there seems no scope for his recovery, so we thought of giving him a goodbye by including him in the list. His movie released and was stripped off screens in a flash.


Uday Chopra:

Son of Late Yash Chopra, the biggest director India has seen and brother of a very successful and talented producer and director Aditya Chopra. He has been trying and trying hard to make it work but he just doesn’t have it in him. From multi starers to solo movies he has done it all and apart from one or two successes he has his hands full of mud. Looks like he will have to assist his brother in the coming time from behind the screen.


Zayed Khan:

Chura Lia Hai Tumne released and people shouted, you stole our money. He has been around for a while but he and success behave like two poles of the same magnet which never meet. He is seen in side roles, sometimes guest appearances but hasn’t been able to make the cut. Though he showed some potential but still no fruits.


Abhishek Bachchan:

Well this one might be debatable as he has given some hits and some flops and is doing movies. He still has scope for himself in movies but the name behind him is just too big. He is carrying a Bachchan behind him. He is the son of the most successful hero of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan. He hasn’t matched up to his father even a bit which makes him feature in this list.


Tusshar Kapoor:

The son of Jitendra is here on the list too. Big names and matching the expectations is so very difficult. Apart from his debut and Golmaal series he hasn’t been successful in any movie he does. I hope he gets better and improves his acting as well as personality which helps him get out of this ditch.


Kumar Gaurav:

The son of one of the Greats Rajendra Kumar flopped bigtime and we still remember him for this disaster. Especially in earlier times when the competition was so less he failed to make a mark. Whatever it is, be remembered for bad or good what matters is he is remembered and that might please him- that people still do remember him.


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Star Kids Who Failed To Make It Big In Bollywood

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