He is the man of metal in Bollywood. He has given the industry many hits, he has helped many of his co-stars when they needed him the most but he still is considered the bad boy of Bollywood. Now you must be thinking as to why is he considered the bad body of Bollywood? We will give you the reasons for that, right here right now. He might be kind at heart to which we all agree but he also has some ugly truths about him which all of us don’t know and if we know we haven’t really paid attention to it.


He Is A Horrible Boyfriend:

We all know how ugly his break ups with his girlfriends have been especially with Aishwarya Rai. The family of Aish filed a complaint against him for molestation and assault. Even some time after their break up Aishwarya Rai was reportedly caught admitting that he used to beat her up and she had to go on the shoot the next day. “Thankfully I didn’t have bruises”-“that’s what she said. Even her girlfriend Somy Ali broke up with the Khan over his drinking issues and abusive problems. What a shame..!

He Has Many Criminal Cases Pending Against Him:

He is said to have used his influence to be out and roaming free. He has been fighting a case for ‘chinkara killing‘ in Rajasthan which he killed while on the shoot of Hum Sath Sath Hai along with other actors. He is said to be the main person who allegedly killed the animal. He is also fighting a case for drunk driving and killing people sleeping on footpath with his car. He allegedly was high on alcohol content and was driving very fast. Hopefully the sufferers will get justice. He even had some links with underworld don which came to the notice when he was doing the movie Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

No Respect For Women:

If a guy can beat his girlfriend he cannot fall down further. He has reportedly beaten Aishwarya and even slapped Katrina once. This shows his utter disrespect for women, shame on you Salman.

He Ruins Careers:

All of us know his Vivek Oberoi episode. He called him on phone and threatened to kill him, the poor and immature Vivek called a press conference which ruined his life. Salman Khan made sure that this promising actor does not succeed. When Vivek entered Bollywood he was being hailed as the next big thing but nothing of that sort happened. In spite of having the talent he couldn’t succeed and if someone is to blame for it, it is Salman Khan.

Beats Up Photographers:

Well he has no thing known as self-control. He has been involved in verbal as well as physical spats with many photographers. The matter sometimes have reached to such a stage that the photographing fraternity had boycotted him for months. He hardly thinks anyone is worth anything.

A Total Unprofessional:

He is drunk sometimes on sets. Arrives on his own time while the crew waits for him for hours. Does things on his own terms. He is someone you wouldn’t want to work with even in your nightmares.

Bad Actor:

Well however, many movies he might have completed till date, he hasn’t been critically acclaimed for any. Even after 15 years in Bollywood there are hardly any movies which are remembered for his acting skills. He is earning money on the basis of his attitude and fan following. What a pity!

He Wants To Date Each And Every New Comer:

Well from Somy Ali till Eli Avaram, he wants to date each girl. He loves new comers and women of half his age. God knows how could he date Sneha Ulal? who was just 18 then. That is so sad.

Now I guess you all must be knowing why he is considered and is rightly the bad boy of Bollywood.    


Reasons Why Salman Khan Is The Bad Boy Of Bollywood

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