OMG! Aditya Roy Kapoor is killing it in his new look for his next film, Fitoor. It looks he has been working really hard on his physique to get a completely different look for the movie. He actually ditched the usual six pack abs trend to get an under rated fitness trend called body sculpting to showcase a well toned body in the movie.

A source said, It is a technique that is used to shape the muscles in ones body to perfection without bulking it up in any way. Aditya has always had an athletic physique, but for?Fitoor he decided to take up body sculpting to develop a completely different look from what has been seen of him before,?added the source.

Aditya shared, What I love, as an actor, is the endeavour to adapt yourself to the character that you are playing. For this one, my director had a vision for me, and it meant I had to drop more weight to look a certain way. I guess if you change the way you look then you change the way you feel too. The process was gruelling, but it taught me a lot about myself.

The movie Fitoor stars Katrina Kaif opposite Aditya and is all set to release next year on February 12, 2016.

Isnt Adityas new physique is drool worthy??

Credits: DNA

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