Well our Bollywood beauties are world famous for their looks and beauty. What if I told you not all of them are super-beautiful. Not all of them look the same in real life like they do on screen. What if I told you that it is the make-up layers on their skin which do the magic and make them look good. Today we will take a look at those actresses who without layers of make-up do not look better than that aunt living just next door. You have some miss worlds and universes featuring in this list too. Kudos to some really talented make-up artists we have in our industry who make them look so desirable. It makes me wonder sometimes if I could get such a makeup artist, how I would look? Anyway let us start with the list.

Rani Mukherjee:

Yes she is the same Rani Mukherjee who looks so adorable and beautiful on screen. But she has tons of layers put on her skin to make her look beautiful. She is beautiful but look at the difference makeup brings to her face.


Tanushree Dutta:

Yes she has won many beauty pageants and acted in many movies but look at her. How she looks without make up. I wonder what do makeup artists do to these women and make them look so beautiful.



She might be A-one in acting but when it comes to beauty that too without makeup, I doubt she scores even passing marks. She is one of the most un-celebrity looking actress. She looks just average to say the least i.e. without make-up. With tons of make-up they come to face the cam and rock the industry. Kajol you owe a great deal of your career to makeup artists.


Priyanka Chopra:

Yes, she has been the Miss World, obviously won many beauty pageants but does that justify her without make-up look. She has confidence and is a strong women and carries herself well. But her looks without make-up, that’s not the Priyanka we know. She has an amazingly hot body but not everyone is gifted with natural beauty. She works hard and has achieved things with hard work so cheers to her for that.


Lara Dutta:

After a former Miss World we have the same year’s Miss Universe on the list too. She too is a women of strength and has made India proud but her looks without make-up aren’t something to brag about. Here is a piece of advice from us to you Lara, you rock but hold tight your make-up artist because he deserves to get credit for your success as much as you do.


Bipasha Basu:

She is one of the hottest celebs of Bollywood. She has a super hot body, she’s tall and we can call her a complete Bengali hottie. But what is this?? She looks like this without makeup???? Even she has to feature on our list. Sorry Bips but you will not get a thumbs up with your no make-up looks. I hate this but even you have to feature here.


Sushmita Sen:

India has had 2 Miss Universes and both feature on this list 🙂 . Sushmita Sen is another beauty who just transforms after make-up or rather we can say she becomes a beauty after it.


So this is it for the actresses who look horrible without makeup. We will be back with more gossip and Bollywood bites. Hope you liked this one, for more follow us at twitter and facebook or subscribe at beautyandfashionfreaks. Till then love you all and take good care of yourselves.

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