Well thanks to everything that is happening in town it’s not as rare a sight such as a UFO to see a women drinking in pubs, bars or at parties. But one thing has been for sure that the girls who are seen drinking here and there are seen as or are stereotyped as something which is totally wrong or in Barney Stinson’s language “A LEGEN…. Wait for it… DARY legendary myth”. Here I will tell you about the 7 biggest myths that guys or for that matter even girls who don’t drink have about the girls who drink. It’s sad but that’s how it goes in India. But at least you now will surely get to know about the biggest myths that people have and we are going to tik tik tik tik bomb them today.myths-about-women-drinking-in-india

1. – A girl drinking has lose morals:

I mean what? What are you talking about guys? Does having a glass full of alcohol loosen your morals? Then 99% of the men are of loose morals. Well the latter might be true but I tell you the former is not. Not even a bit. Can’t you mad head people just get this straight a chick drinks because she wants to have fun and not to get laid. So don’t you question her morals….! Coz if you do then don’t know about anything else you but for sure you might land in some trouble fellas.

2.- A drinking women is an easy pick:

Well nothing can be more humorous. And if you think this way then you might have a good sense of humor but it ain’t gonna help you dude. She’s not going to the bar to get hooked up or something. She’s just there to have a good time with her buddies and if you try this useless stuff. You are so screwed….!

3.- A women gets drunk after 2 shots:

I am sure if you think like this then you have only met the first time drinkers. Who pass out just of the smell alcohol. So if you meet a real player of the game, like we generally are, you are gonna loose the competition and embarrass yourself, and hurt your big fat ego. Remember the scene from HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA in which Alia bhatt clears varun dhawan on beer. That’s who we are…!

4- Women cant handle their drinks:

Rational that’s what we are. And always will be, even after we are drunk. A part of our brain never loses rationality and we remain hell yeah rational. We can handle our drinks and drink and know our limits as well. We girls don’t get tricked up till we ourselves want to… 😉

5- Women puke after drinking:

I sure will puke on you if you think that way. Because stereotyping me is the most puke-ish I will ever feel. But alcohol no, I don’t usually puke and certainly no every time and the other thing, for sure is that I don’t puke half as much as guys do. Trust me I have seen them puke thrice more.

6- Women drink only vodka and wine:

Hahahaha did you really think that??? No we like it but we also have scotch, whisky and beer. I generally love beer. So please guys stop this stereotyping and grow up this is not 19th century India.

7.- Women take crazy unending selfies after boozing:SELFIE-GIRL

Well I don’t think you can generalize a thing like this. I agree certain girls do. But they do that even when they are drunk. So it has nothing to do with boozing. So get this myth out of your head too…!

Well I hope I made things pretty clear about women boozing and the myths. And guys please even girls have a right to enjoy. So please don’t make it difficult for them to enjoy by nurturing some useless myths in your heads…!



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