Depression is a mental illness where a person has an internal fight with their self every day and every minute. Being depressed is very different than being sad; these two states of mind should not get confused. Where sadness is a temporary state, depression is a long-term battle where a person loses all hope and faith in them and the world.

Although depression is a serious issue which should be treated medically, there are some measures that you can take all by yourself. You cannot get rid of depression unless you are mentally prepared to fight it. Following measures can be taken by you if you find yourself in the state of depression:

1. Set short goals:

When in depression, you should never expect too much from yourself. You will only end up disappointing yourself and that can push you more towards depression. Set up some short term goals for yourself which you can fulfill. Showing up on a party (even for 10 minutes), or interacting with people around you, sharing your feelings, or just waking up, taking a shower, and showing up at work can also prove to be very encouraging steps in depression.

2. Reward yourself:

These small goals might be a small thing for normal people but a very big deal for a person who cannot even get up from bed without breaking up or crying. So take these small steps as a big achievement and reward yourself for accomplishing them. Treat yourself with your favorite meal, a shopping trip, or maybe even a day off from work. You can also visit your favorite salon or your masseuse and get an amazing massage done with effective essential oils which can help to release your stress and calm you down.

3Use Essential Oils:

Essential oils have the power to drag you out of that sadistic state and uplift your mood. There are different types of essential oils for different purposes. Some essential oils help to reduce your anxiety and calm your nerves. They help to lower your stress level and avoid overthinking; both of which are the core reasons that lead to depression. To know more about essential oils, you can visit Grapefruit, turmeric, sweet basil, chamomile, lemon balm, and rose oil are some of the oils which work best for anxiety and depression.

4. Get in touch with your inner child:

No matter how old we get, there is always a child within us; that child needs attention and nurturing. You can always go back to your inner child and make it happy by doing the things which you loved to do. Going back to doing your hobbies can bring you peace and harmony, which eventually helps you to recover from depression.

5. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with what you feel from within. You may not have any control over your depression but you can at least take some steps to get out of it along with taking medications. Quit smoking and excessive drinking, exercise regularly, eat healthily, set up a proper routine, and surround yourself with positive people who encourage you to be yourself.

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