The first watch that you received may perhaps have been a gift from your parents, out of pride for passing your boards with flying colours, or maybe making it into your dream college. That watch probably held a lot of significance for you as a milestone for your first step into teenage or adulthood. Today, the world is a lot more materialistic and gifts are no longer simple and meaningful. But you can change this, by putting in place a tradition of gifting a symbolic watch to your loved ones as they pass an important stage in life. Following are a few watches ideal to gift to your loved ones- sons, daughter, nieces, nephews or grandchildren who are stepping into a new phase of their lives.

1. TW032HL02

This elegant timepiece makes for the perfect present for your daughters or nieces who are facing a transition from being girls to women. The beautiful red dial is truly a site to behold, and the watch easily handles simplicity with grace. The previous watches owned by your loved ones might have been a lot more informal, and so gifting them this embodiment of style is one way to acknowledge the fact that they are growing up.

2.  TW023HG19

For your dashing sons, nephews or other loved ones who are crossing over to college or are at the beginning of their careers; why not introduce them to the world of classy and iconic formal watches? The best part is that despite being formal analog watches, these watches do not compromise on the funky look, as is reflected by the features on the sunray blue dial. They are the perfect confluence of sophistication and vibrancy, which is ideal for someone who is young and eager to take on the world.

3. TW019HL09

For young ladies stepping into college, a watch needs to be fancy but not over the top. Perfect for the college-going age range, this is a chic pink timepiece with a unique square shaped dial that is brown in colour. It does not deviate much from casual watches but also brings with it a smart and tasteful look. Even in formal attire, if colour-coordinated appropriately, this watch would not let you down. It makes for an aesthetically pleasing yet practical gift choice.

4.  TWESK0305

Nothing speaks perfection like this ana-digital watch which offers the best of both worlds. Youngsters used to digital watches get what they want, and the watch still manages to look like a million bucks. It is sporty and comes loaded with interesting features, such as a night light. The watch exemplifies convenience in every sense and makes for the perfect gift for a special occasion. It is one of the best latest watches for men.

To get a wide variety in terms of choice, you can buy watches online in India from reputed sellers such as Timex. This allows you to shop in the comfort of your home while ensuring the best prices and amazing deals.

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