Diwali is coming and I am super excited for the festival! I am still confused what I am going to wear on the day but I am quite sure that I will be making a wonderful rangoli design at my home. Actually I have been making rangoli designs at my home since childhood as I love playing with colors 🙂 . Though I don’t make amazing rangoli designs but I love trying my hands with colors and sharing amazing rangoli designs and patterns on our beauty and fashion blog. Yesterday I was searching for some best and easy to make rangoli designs and I have found many of them. So here I am sharing 30 easy to make rangoli designs which you can try this Diwali season. Hope you like. 🙂

Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-1.1 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-1 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-2 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-3 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-4 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-5 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-6 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-7 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-8 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-9 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-10 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-11 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-12 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-13 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-14 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-15 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-16 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-17 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-18 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-19 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-21 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-22 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-23 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-24 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-25 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-26 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-27 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-28 Best-diwali-rangoli-designs-29Image Credit: 1

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