Well all of us just love the fun quoted t-shirts and guess what! We now can even get our piece of hoodiees which have some real fun quotes printed over them. I got one delivered for myself and all you people really need to have a look at this one. The one word that I want to begin with, with which I was most impressed, was its Quality. I just loved the feel of the cloth and its warmth. It nicely fits on your body like it is custom made. It was easy to wear and I was accommodated in it without much difficulty ( I mentioned this as most round neck hoodiees sometimes warrant real efforts to be worn). I can now support whatever quote I like even in winters, or some cool places that I am planning to visit this season. Finally I will go to a hill station and have a good picture in a cool outfit. Well so now I would want to list out some of the pros and cons of the piece which I figured out while trying it out. Yet to wear this one to a place though, will surely share with you the compliments I get when I do wear it, or rather will update you with the pics when I do and you can give me a feedback.


So, here are some pros and cons


* Firstly, I loved the cloth material with which it is made up off. Gives great feel when you wear it.


* Secondly, the look is pretty rich .

* Thirdly, you can have all sorts of fun quotes printed on your hoodiee which is hell cool.


* Fourthly, lovely texture.


* Lastly, it makes you look cool even in the worst times guys, the winters ;).


* There are not many cons though but the print quality could have been a touch better.

So there you go, I am sharing with you the pics of the hoodiee, you can get many more such hoodies?online.

Do tell us how did you like this one, till then cya tttataa…! loads of kisses and love :****

Richa Chadha In Giles
Malaika Arora Khan At Piku Success Bash

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