There is a saying that the color you choose for your walls reflects the heart that lives inside the walls. Colors have the capability to change the perception of the space, carefully chosen colors can do wonders to your rooms. The flagship store of Asian Paints, Colour With Asian Paints, located in Connaught Place, Delhi is the answer to all your doubts. From combinations of colors & lighting, decor trends to 3D visual tours, you will be guided through all by experts. The Colour With Asian Paints Store also conducts workshops, exclusively designed for the decor enthusiast in you. Industry experts bring to you decor insights that will help you transform your home in a unique and easy way. Its not just any other store that you visit and forget, its an experience that will last forever.

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Asian Paints is known for coming up with unique themes, this time around they have launched Folk in Vogue, a collection of beautiful wall and decor designs at their flagship store. The theme revolves around cultural and traditional art for your walls. No other country has the diversity of art forms and expressions like India does. The work has been inspired by rustic India and has been curated by artists and craftsmen across the country to create contemporary yet traditional designs. The endeavour is to bring the skills and creations of talented Indian Artists and crafts persons from remote villages to restore traditional Indian art and craft with customized designs for modern lifestyle and urban homes. The idea behind the collection is to form a balance wherein these traditional art forms could accommodate themselves in modern lifestyles and living spaces without losing their original charm and intricacy. The art forms included in the collection are Gond art from Madhya Pradesh, Pattachitra from Orissa and Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh to name a few. These art forms are known for their vibrant colors & textures, intricate motifs and natural dyes. A great deal of effort has been taken to ensure that the same effect is intact while recreating the art forms on the walls and furniture.IMG_6670


If you felt that this is all that Asian Paints is up to in order to revive and honour the true heritage of Indian art then let us enlighten you further on this. Asian Paints is organizing an Event called REVISIT (Indian Folk Art Revival) to be held on 30th March 2016.

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It is an initiative taken to celebrate the diverse community of women who are strong , empowered and have become the agents of change for their families, communities and beyond, by being true to their roots and changing with changing times to be a success. Asian Paints is inviting twenty such phenomenal women for a special session to share their exemplary stories, their roots and their thoughts on our rich cultural heritage and folk art. Let us listen to their exceptional stories that echo that we are evolved to be wise.

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Colour With Asian Paints Presents REVISIT(Indian Folk Art Revival), Celebrating 20 Phenomenal Women!

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