Hello all you fashion lovers! How are you today? Its the end of January and its still really cold in Delhi. I am finding it hard to concentrate on my next blog post when Im still wrapped up in my blanket. Hehe..

Well! This New Year I have made few resolutions, and sharing gorgeous and worthwhile stuff on my blog is one of them. 🙂

I always feel very excited whenever I have something new and exciting to share and today I have one such thing. Its a website, to be more precise it is named Luxurymonk.com and it has a tagline which reads Luxury for Less

I am excited to share a few details about this wonderful website I came across recently. Actually one of my friends suggested this website a while, but I recently heard it on the radio on my recent trip to Bangalore (Indigo -English Radio Channel) so I thought, why not browse and try this website.

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Before talking about my personal experience with LuxuryMonk lets see what LuxuryMonk is all about:

LuxuryMonk.com is India’s first pre-owned online luxury portal featuring only top Indian and International luxury brands with an assortment of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, including celebrity merchandise. They are creating a platform for buying and selling of your favorite brands & designers at affordable prices.

They also offer a classified section where you can buy and sell high-end luxury cars, bikes, jets, art and artifacts.

A few of their Strengths

  1. All products are routed through their warehouse where they go through a thorough verification & authentication process. They also repackage all the products before it is shipped to the buyer.
  2. They work on a C2C module yet they understand the importance of their customers privacy hence they refrain from letting out personal details of their customers.
  3. They have a Calculator that calculates the approximate selling price based on age of the product (sell your product page).
  4. They also offer a Negotiate option/functionality where the buyer can negotiate the best possible price with the seller. This process is routed through LuxuryMonk team.
  5. All pickups, shipping & delivery is free for all the customers.

My Experience with Luxury Monk:

Well! Let me start of by saying that I was personally really happy to explore a new concept in ecommerce. Its not every day that you come across or hear about something new and innovative. I must say, my first thought was OMG I can finally sell a few of my bags that have been lying in my closet & that Ritu Kumar Anarkali, ?I had bought years ago for my friends wedding. Yaay!!

The website looks really classy, all the categories and well defined and easy to navigate. Before selling my products, I checked out a few of their listed products. I was quite impressed to see a decent array of brands, especially in my favorite section ? BAGS! I couldnt resist it..Yes I bought a Michael Kors bag. I looked through all the images and it was defined as just as new, meaning the seller hadnt used the product. The price was reasonable and I thought it was a steal deal, so I bought it.

They have 3 Segregations

Just As New?- New but has not been used for various reasons.

Hardly Used?-?Products used just once or twice.

0 – N months?- Has been used for the date range specified.

I went on to their Sell your product page where I filled in the required details and in no time I had uploaded a bag, one dress and a pair of shoes that didnt fit me. A few days ago I got an email & a call from the luxurymonk team saying that my shoes had been bought and they were sending their courier person to pick up the product from me. I was thrilled to make my first sale. A few days later the money was deposited in my account. The whole experience feels really good. I have been gushing about it to all my friends & I think another friend just sold a dress; Ill have to follow up with her!! 🙂

Have you ever seen or heard of any other website which offers this kind of platform? Its pretty good and very innovative! Isnt it?

Sometime we all feel very confused while purchasing products online and trust me, the confusion deepens if we chose to purchase a pre owned product online. We all find ourselves grabbed with the tension of the quality of products sold, but with luxurymonk it is minimized as we get authenticated products.

As each and every product is well defined at its best price, some of my friends have already purchased some good brands from luxurymonk. With good price negotiations from sellers you get a good price for the product.

Will I recommend LuxuryMonk?

Most definitely! Its an innovative website for both sellers and buyers, where everyone can grab Luxury for Less ;). So start Selling and buying from luxurymonk and I am sure you will not be disappointed at all!

So guys! Have you checked luxurymonk yet? 🙂

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