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Hello gals! How are you doing?? Hope you all are doing greatJ. Most of you must have seen an all over pleated and ruched skirt but I bet you might not be knowing what are these called and from where these originated. These are called Broomstick Skirts. Β This crinckled look has been in fashion for really long and to your surprise I would like to tell you that these were originally created by tying a wet cloth around a broomstickJ. I know it sounds weird but I cannot help as this is the truth ;-).

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This look can be seen not only on skirts but also on ethnic dupattas, tunics and stoles. The best part about this look is that you need not iron these. You are supposed to store these by rolling them like a wool ball to maintain the broomstick effect intact.

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These skirts are a perfect pick for the summer season. It is a great idea to pick a floor length broomstick skirt(in a canary yellow or pink color) and pair it with a white tunic top to get a boho chic look. If you feel this look is too casual then you can avoid that by accessorising. Complement the look with a cute ear cuff, statement metal ankle cuff or stacked rings. This look is far away from a formal or business look but you can still play with it by paring it with a crisp, collared shirt:-).

So gals do not forget to share your take on Broomstick skirts:-).


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Broomstick Skirt: A Great Pick For Summer

  1. Hey that’s super cool! I didn’t know thats how these skirts were made and you’re supposed to store them like a ball. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips πŸ™‚

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