Beauty Myths Busted

Beauty Myths: Today I am in a mood to break some more beauty mythsJ. So here we go. We live in a country obsessed with fairness and matching makeup with outfits. It is time to face the real facts and to break the mythical makeup believes.

Beauty Myths Busted
Let us talk about the fairness creams first, skin color is genetic. It is important to understand that skin lightening agents act by inhibiting the melanin pigment in the skin. So only continuous use can keep the skin in a continued state of lightening. (Must see: Herbal Ways to Lighten The Complexion)
 Moreover it is unfair to associate fairness with beauty.
Beauty Myths Busted
It is wrong to say that Indian skin cannot work red lipstick. Red lipstick can look good on every skin tone provided you pick up the right red. For fair skin, go for the red with a blue tinge. Those who have wheatish or dark skin should opt for warmer, orangish tones of red. It is also important to tone down the rest of your makeup.
Beauty Myths Busted

Moisturizers do not add oil to our skin. So it is wrong to believe that oily skin does not need moisturizers. In case you have a dry skin than you should go for a creamy moisturizer with vitamin E, and for oily skin opt for a lighter one with AHAs and BHAs(Alpha/Beta hydroxy Acids). In case of excessive oily skin go for a hydrant maybe in the form of a mist.

Beauty Myths Busted
If you think heavy foundation helps you cover lines and wrinkles then girls you are mistaken big time. Wrinkles tend to occur majorly due to dryness. Heavy foundation has a tendency to seep in the lines and make them look more prominent by cracking up after a while. You should go for a light weight and good quality foundation which suits your skin tone. It is very important to choose the right shade of foundation in order to conceal wrinkles properly. Check out: 8 Important tips for Natural looking make-up

Beauty Myths Busted
Liquid liner suits everyone is a big misconception. Girls with large eyes do not carry liquid liner too well. They should rather play with the eye shadows. Girls with small eye should also keep it natural and subtle. (Also Read: Applying Makeup The Right Way Is An Art )



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