Do you find saree draping difficult?  Question is when did saree draping become difficult? The answer is that when just every Indian designer, as well as an international designer, started finding out new ways to wear a saree with a belt, jacket, with stitched pleats and worn with jeans. If your grandmother would have seen all such new styles of draping saree, she could have had a stroke because she would have worn the saree in the usual way. So, today I have come up with the two most popular styles. Check them out and try them; I hope you would love these styles.

The Retro Style:

You must have seen the Bollywood movie “Brahmchari”, That’s the way in which award-winning costume designer Bhanu Athaiya draped Mumtaz in that iconic ORANGE saree. Well! It’s the opposite of a basic saree and then make the stomach pleats. So if you wanna drape the saree in retro style, you need to tuck in the stomach pleats first and then drape the saree on top of them, keeping the pallu very narrow. Expert Draper Kalpana Shah says that this style is very in these days.
The Bollywood Style:
In this kind of style, the border shows clearly as it drapes around the waist and the saree has very tiny pleats. Again in this style the Pallu is very narrow and covers only a part of the torso, leaving most of the midriff exposed and going between the breasts. This type of drape would look extremely sexy if one has a toned and hourglass body.
So Girls what is your saree draping style?
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Tips To Do The Sexy Saree Draping

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