My Personal Code Of Conduct For This New Year 2015

Whenever we talk about any code of conduct there are some concepts which should be cleared in the first place. The two basic concepts which relate to code of conduct are: Ethics Morals We generally mistake the two as being different from one another but there is a slight difference between the two, I shall […]

Herbal Ways to Lighten The Complexion

Whenever we see Tv Commercials or some beauty contests or say any matrimony advertisement, we always see this word “FAIR”. For the time immemorial fairness is associated with beauty and dark complexion is not considered as much attractive as a fair skin tone but I don’t find this true. The trend is changing now, many […]

Vaseline Intense Care Healthy White Skin Lightening Body Milk Review

Hello girls! Hope you all are doing great. This time I am going to review Vaseline Intense Care Healthy White Skin Lightening Body Milk. It is been quite some time since I am using this product and I am quite satisfied with its results. It is non-greasy moisturizer for everyday use especially when you are […]