40+ Cute Bow Nail Art Designs You Will Love

Best Cute Bow Nail Art Designs You Will Love

45 Best Heart Nail Art Designs To Try

Being an art, fashion and beauty enthusiast I love sharing fashionable and artistic things at our beauty and fashion blog. And nail art is no exception 🙂 . Now days, Nail art is very in and we see many girls wearing different cute and innovative designs. Yesterday I was just browsing the internet and found […]

30 Beautiful Nail Art Designs You Will Love For Sure!

I have always been inclined towards arts! Since childhood I wanted to pursue my career in fine arts but however I choose commerce stream so that it would make me more employable. Last year I have started my fine art blog (www.fineartandyou.com) where I share my thoughts on fine arts, share famous artists works, photography, […]

Reverse French Manicure: A New Style Statement

French Manicure is something with which we all have been obsessed for years. This trend is the safest and classic style to pick for any occasion. As we know it involves the traditional soft pink base with white tips. So girls are you bored of the same old and want something new and refreshing?? If […]